From selling flags on the signals to becoming a major player in the global uranium fuel industry – Asnat is one of a kind

Asnat Albert (name changed) used to sell flags on the signals during her childhood but today she is one of the major player in the global uranium fuel industry.

Asnat claims that there will be ‘sperm bomb’ in the future and the human beings, especially scientists and doctors haven’t yet comprehended the power of a sperm yet. She says that it is a power so supreme that is capable of giving birth to a new human being alone. Asnat says that any animal’s sperm could be taken to create a sperm bomb, not just men’s. She says that the scientists will do the task by 2050.

Asnat claims that the popularization of the Lebanese-American pornstar – Mia Khalifa is a trick of the illuminati to make the porn popular in the Arab world. She says that they are using Mia Khalifa as a pawn and she will soon be replaced by another Muslim-Arab pornstar.

Asnat also claims that Jihadists are nothing more than Roblox Warriors who are not capable of attacking any twin tower. Asnat says that the real culprits are the state of Israel and the state of United States.

Asnat claims that one of the popular Youtubers – PewDiePie is an Illuminati agent and the secret behind her success is also Illuminati. On her personal blogs, Asnat has huge banners everywhere asking people to unsubscribe PewDiePie if they want to save the world.

Asnat claims that the Jazz music has its origin in the slang ‘Jizz’.

Asnat has a rich uncle who is an online gambling freak and owns a huge cranberry juice company. This uncle of Asnat reads blogs like fitjung all the time when he is not eating, sleeping, betting or managing his juice company.

From a struggling ghost poet writer to a millionaire, Blaca’s story will get you off your bum to kick asses

Blaca Zammit (name changed) used to write 100 poems in a day for a living but she now writes 5-7 of those as a hobby. In the days when she wrote 100 poems in a day, she always had a clock ticking countdown on her device to remind her that she has got only a little time. It was a hard-knock life back then for Blaca.

Blaca claims that she belongs to a Royal family whose at least 50 members are still popular. Blaca says that each of those 50 people owns a mansion with enough number of rooms to call it a 4 star hotel.

Blaca is not struggling anymore in order to make a living or survive, she herself owns a penthouse in a plush neighborhood and a restaurant that serves the finest people in the city and regularly sees foreign visitors.

Blaca says that only week people forgive their rivals or enemies because they can’t afford to take a rivalry, when I asked Blaca “What did you do in order to take a revenge on your enemies?” She replied “I succeeded financially and improved my personality like they couldn’t have imagined in a dream and I know that the pain is unbearable for them that they received by this action of mine.”

Blaca owns 5 cats and 2 dogs and she says that from her personal observations, veterinaries are the greatest humanitarians.  I said but they take care of the animals not the humans, she told me that I am stupid and I have no idea how much they help the humans by taking care of their beloved pets.

Would you like to know what Blaca did in order to succeed so fast and so much? Click here to know.

Libertarian husband, wife and sister-in-law living their lives with gambling money

Arielle Iglesias (name changed) enjoys his private life with his wife Natasha fully. Each encounter between him and his wife is a memorable one. He sometimes even enjoys duo sessions with Natasha and the wife of Natasha’s brother whom we will call Traci here. Natasha’s brother died and since then Arielle has been fulfilling her secret desires, needs and wants. Natasha is very happy with it. She doesn’t have no problems at all. Natasha and Trace both alone are amazing, together they are out of this world.

When Arielle, Natasha and Traci get together, from the initiation of their private encounter with a striptease till the kiss farewell, each second is enjoyable between the three and memorable. When Arielle drinks a couple of Red Bulls before the encounter, the ladies have to fasten their belts. Traci often complains that her husband used to always rush. He used to be in/out and be done and Arielle is right the opposite of him. Sometimes Natasha suspects that Traci secretly celebrates the death of Natasha’s brother because Arielle has been taking her on the trips to heaven which Natasha’s brother could never. Natasha wants Traci to marry soon but Traci says that she will once she finds the right man. Natasha’s doubt that she is celebrating her brother’s death becomes even stronger each time she says that. Natasha even fears that she doesn’t take away Arielle from herself.

None among Arielle, Natasha or Traci has to go to work in the mornings, all three have been multiplying their inheritance with no deposit bonus offers for years.

Indian-American couple call themselves RR and own a RR as well

Robert Fernando (name changed) is a Christian-Indian-American who recently went to the village he was born in Goa to revisit his childhood. There he met the beautiful Punjabi girl – Rachita that he grew up with and fell in love with her for the very first time. He never looked at her like that before, she also showed interest in him in order to become an American citizen even though she never liked him because Robert is really ugly. The couple got married in Goa and then came back together to Utah, United States.

Rachita is currently manager of one of the topmost Logan City, Utah’s international NGO. The NGO is very well run and a lot of the credit goes to Rachita for the same.

Robert owns a club in Nye County, Nevada where only VIPs and discerning gentlemen are allowed to visit. It is one of the top landmarks in the Nye County and rightfully so, Robert has managed it so well, it is just incredible.

Rachita and Robert or RR as they like to call themselves love to go together in their RR (Rolls Royce) or attend special events and dinners together ecstatically.

Last week when Rachita and Robert heard some loud thumps on the gate of their house, they thought that it were some home invaders but turned out that a kid about 11 year old had busted into their garage with his mother’s Land Rover Discovery. The kid chose the night time because his mother was asleep and he would never get her permission even in a dream to driver her car at the age of 11. Robert immediately called his mother and told what happened on the phone. She immediately came to Robert’s address and paid the repairs to Robert and apologized to him as well. Robert asked her to take a chill pill and play FIFA55 with him and his wife, she politely said “No” and went back. Rachita was already awake when the incident took place, she was reading the latest post on state champs.

Daughter of a canoe business giant promotes her website designing business in a sheer bikini

Bonita Pierre (name changed) claims that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses are nothing but mythical figures. She says they were all without any exceptions nothing but imperfect and flawed imaginative creatures created by the priestly class of the Judaism in order to stay in power and take control of the Jewish people forever.

Bonita’s father used to own a canoe manufacturing company but that business is in shambles because the whole canoe industry is in shambles. The family used to be very rich until the canoe industry was flourishing, most of Bonita’s uncles and relatives were somehow involved in the canoe business. The canoe business has been destroyed by the modern speedboat industry and you can’t deny this fact. Bonita’s family couldn’t cope up at all with the growing giant aka speedboat industry and finally gave up.

Bonita herself is a website developer who gets all the business through Facebook groups, she travels the world wearing bikini and skimpy clothes and pitches from business to business who just cannot resist her beauty and end up saying yes to her business proposal. Bonita says that she loves creating websites and advertising her business the way that she does now so much that even if she were a billionaire, she would do the same. She recently enjoyed a trip to Bali and Jakarta where she got hundreds of orders to create online gambling websites (situs jodi bola). Bonita believes in creating only responsive and mobile-friendly websites and even when mobile friendly websites were rare and the concept of mobile friendly websites was relatively unknown and rare in the SEO and website designing world, Bonita understood the need of the future and her advertising always included a word – Mobile Friendly Websites.

A workaholic Indian author is busy writing a book on the Chutiya people of Assam

Kuldeep Kaur (name changed) is an Indian Sikh woman who is 27 now, Kuldeep has always had a pretty successful career. She was only 16 when she took her first test drive of the car that she wanted to buy, actually of the 2 cars that she was confused about, namely Maruti Suzuki SX4 and Chevrolet Optra. In India, you need to be at least 18 years of age to get a driving license but Kuldeep used to drive her car without a license – god bless the bribery, and did I forget to tell you that Kuldeep didn’t go for either of the cars that she test drove, she went for the Hyundai Elantra instead.

Kuldeep cannot forget the funny incident that happened during the notorious 2001 Gujarat earthquake – Kuldeep’s grandmother who couldn’t walk didn’t let anybody in Kuldeep’s family to go down to save their life because she didn’t want to die alone and nobody went down to make sure that the eldest member of the family doesn’t die alone.

Kuldeep’s cousin once called her a soy girl. Instead of going mad, Kuldeep was happy about the fact that this cousin of her has nothing better to do.

Kuldeep is a workaholic and there has never been a time when she felt sleepy while working, she loves working so much that she can work for 3 days without blinking, the only reason that she sleeps is for her health otherwise she would never go to sleep.

Kuldeep is starting her writing career with authoring a book on the Chutiya people of Assam, Kuldeep is writing about how great of warriors these Chutiya people used to be in the ancient and medieval times and how the slang ‘Chutiya’ has its roots in the Chutiya people of Assam.

Kuldeep recently bookmarked the popular gambling blog –  the invisible string because she wants to try her luck with the online gambling and the invisible string looks like the best blog to her to get some tips and tricks regarding the same.

Won 2 million USD on a FIFA55 with just one trick that she learnt on Tadafumisato

Sheila Ortega (name changed) had a very lecherous spouse and the day she got the divorce was the best day of her life and the second best day was the one when she won 2 million USD on a FIFA55 website with just one trick that she learnt on tadafumisato.

Sheila’s ex-husband made her life such a living hell that she started sleeping at a nearby graveyard fearing that he might kill her if she sleeps at home. He even punched her in the face many different times.  Before starting to sleep at the graveyard, Sheila took refuge at a friend’s house to save herself from that monster. He started accusing her of sleeping with her ex-boyfriend whenever she would somewhere other than his house.

When Sheila confirmed to him that she is pregnant, he started shouting that the child is not his and he even punched Sheila in the face, that was the day when she decided that she is getting a divorce from this monster.

Sheila recently learnt though a common friend that her ex-husband got handed a mental health warrant by the doctors. Sheila had a blast with her friends the day she learnt about this.

After Sheila’s ex-husband learnt that Sheila bought a luxury villa in Rio Largo with the money that she won with betting on a FIFA55 website, he was galvanized to start betting on FIFA55 websites himself, but unfortunately he couldn’t win anything but instead lost a bit.

The biggest deal-breaker in Sheila and her ex-husband’s life was his thinking that he could get away with punching Sheila, he had a notion that Sheila wouldn’t be able to survive alone without him, oops, was he wrong?

Julia Khondakar is the most frequent commentator on Skate Dress Warehouse

Julia Khondakar (name changed) is an Indian-American who hates Hinduism and India like no other Indian you have ever seen. Julia says that Hindus really believe that worshiping an idol is going to bring them good luck, wealth and prosperity. They have no spiritual values and they make the worst clients and are the worst clients.

Julia laughed her ass off when in one market she saw a street vendor giving out one idol free with four idols, he went like “4 ke saath ek bhagwan free” (one god free with 4 different gods).

One of Julia’s Bengali-American friend was trying to make his business successful with the practice of black magic but since he started performing black magic rituals, he lost all of his existing clients and ultimately he had to stop otherwise he was going bankrupt.

Julia remembers while she was still in India, the Indians living in the top cities were so happy about getting jobs in the call centers. What’s worse than a call center job? The answer is begging on the streets.

Julia hates Pakistan  and Islam as well. One of the most popular Pakistani female activists – Gul Bukhari left Pakistan for Italy and she has a very interesting description of her on her Twitter profile which I recommend that you must read, just Google search “Gul Bukhari Twitter” and click on the first result that shows up.

Anyways, Julia loves to bet online and she loves reading everything betting related, she is a subscriber and the most frequent commentator on the popular gambling blog – skate dress warehouse.

Loved her trip to Pakistan but hated India

Mercedes Evans (name changed)  enjoyed a trip to the Indian subcontinent in January and February of this year. She had a thorough fun during the basant festival during her days in Pakistan.

Mercedes hated her time in India, “it is a place full of misery and miserable people”, she says about India.

Mercedes was very curious to join an Indian monastery and did join one in Haridwar with a great enthusiasm. The chief guru there couldn’t resist the temptation after looking at Mercedes and kept raping her for a whole week. When Mercedes would ask him anything, he replied back with “Never ask an enlightened Yogi a question. I am doing a therapy on you which will fight against all the major health hazards against you. I have cured hundreds of women with this therapy before.”

After Mercedes got successful in running away from there, she complained to the police which took no action at all. Mercedes googled his name and it turned out that this so-called yogi had lost millions of rupees with cricket betting and he was taking all the frustration out of Mercedes.

One of the Indian women that Mercedes came across had popped out 8 babies in a hope of getting a baby boy but all she was getting was baby girls. She was being persecuted by her in-laws and relatives for not being able to produce a son.

After coming back from India, Mercedes took an oath to never go back to India again and destroy their tourism business and expose India and Indians. Mercedes took out her frustration by betting online for days at a time on FIFA55 websites. She is an avid reader of rungpiti kennel and hence there is no chance for her to ever lose a bet.

Account, super glue manufacturer, illiteracy hater and online gambler, meet Bunah Eilat

Bunah Eilat (name changed) hates illiterate people who let their children also stay illiterate. She didn’t hate the illiteracy so much until she went for a vacation to Afghanistan.

According to Bunah – “All the evils of the human society have been stemming from the over-sexualization of the society. Bunah says that sex is merely for the procreation and anyone using it principally for recreation is living in hell. It takes the frontal lobe 21 days to start working well again. Sex is a tax to the body and particularly for the male body it is one of the most destructive thing ever known. It is a very well-known knowledge among the Thai karate circles that sex is extremely bad for health. Some of the wisest and most-disciplined people I have seen in my life hail from Thai Karate circles. Take Akshay Kumar (Real name Rajiv Bhatia), an Indian-Canadian Actor for example, he is extremely popular for his discipline, extreme work-outs and being a great family man all over the world. Another example from Bollywood is Tiger Shroff who doesn’t have any girlfriend and it is obvious that he doesn’t jack off each and every chance that he gets, he is the hottest sensation among the young and new bollywood actors. One more example is Francisco Javier Arellano Felix, one of the youngest brothers of Tijuana Cartel. This guy is in prison at the time. When he was in his late teens, his elder brother Ramon found out that he had been taking drugs so instead of sending him to a rehab, Ramon sent him to Thailand for martial arts training and the rest is history. After coming back, Francisco was a completely new man. He didn’t take any drugs anymore and enjoyed a well-disciplined life.”

Bunah is an accountant by profession and she owns a super glue manufacturing company.

Bunah is a fun-loving lady and doesn’t care at all about what others think of her. She has an Elmo picture as her profile picture and a Pokemon picture as her cover picture on Facebook. Though, what Bunah finds most fun is betting online, she loves to bet on FIFA55 websites and her favorite gambling blog is pro edelstar.

IT company owner produces tablets for children and loves to gamble online

Adamaris Abe (name changed) owns an IT company that produces tablets for children to help them study. Adamaris aims to make sure that the tablets made in her manufacturing unit are the latest and most contemporary.

Adamaris used to be very studious in her school days until she fell in love with this handsome hunk who was one year senior to her in class and age. After that, she would daydream about him all the time, would listen to love songs and imagine herself lying in her arms and then her grades started to deteriorate and she started losing interested in studying.

Adamaris felt like she had lost a lot due to only daydreaming about this guy, so she finally decided to approach him and asked him out only to get mocked and bullied. Adamaris cried for weeks and then went on with life, she was only stronger this time. This bad experience with that guy turned Adamaris into a hardcore misandryist for a while and it took her a couple of years to return back into what they call ‘the normal state of mind’.

For over a decade, one of Adamaris’ most favorite hobbies has been gambling online, she even reads a lot about online gambling and casinos on top blogs like pneumatic group.

Adamaris never trusts musicians because of a childhood trauma. She was abused by a friend of her musician uncle and she cannot get past the pain that it brought her. She never told anyone about that for years and when she told her parents and her uncle about it, the pedophile was already in hell.

Favorite Supplement – Fish Oil, Favorite Dish – Salmon, Favorite Hobby – FIFA55 Gambling

Kitty Moshe (name changed) has developed a new business that serves cars, in fact, she has combined several different services and turned it into one complete package charging much lesser than what it would cost the consumers if they bought the services one by one. The business has been pretty successful since its launch, all thanks to Kitty’s wonderful marketing skills. Kitty’s business has served to individual consumers, small and middle market businesses and large corporations to date.

Kitty only takes one health supplement and that is fish oil. Kitty never tried any chemical made supplement like a multivitamin or any such stuff. The only reason that she takes fish oil supplement is because she knows that is pure fish oil and she doesn’t buy any other brand than GNC.

Kitty’s favorite dish is Salmon. Kitty’s favorite energizer and motivator is a cold shower and she takes it at least twice a day.  She has several apps downloaded on her phone to track her progress for work out and working hours.

Kitty doesn’t work out to look better but instead feel better ironically enough she is one of the best and fittest looking ladies you have ever seen but she couldn’t care any less. She is not interested in getting into a relationship or getting married.

Kitty’s dream is to have her own bank one day.  Kitty has never borrowed any money from a family member, friend or a relative in her life because she has got the list of topmost and honest FIFA55 gambling websites and blogs like jump in hostel to read the latest news, tricks and techniques related to gambling. Kitty has been using FIFA55 gambling websites as her personal ATM machines for too long and that’s where most of the funding for her existing and upcoming businesses come from.

Pain is temporary but that hot body is forever – Nachalah Couture

Nachalah Couture (name changed) is always fairly enthusiastic about life and the struggles that come with it no matter how hard they may be.

Nachalah moved to Thailand from Plockton, Scotland last year and she chose Siam, the popular coastal city over any other because of her love with the coastal areas.

Nachalah keeps on looking for tips on monitoring her diet as she is a habitual eater. Nachalah is already in a good shape but she wants to be in the perfect shape. She sometimes even fast but fails after 4-5 hours.

Nachalah synthesizes music as a hobby. She learnt music from a website which charged her $3500 for it. Nachalah was recommended this website by a friend of hers who told Nachalah that arts is a great way to deviate her mind from eating and playing video games all the time. Nachalah successfully got rid of her video game addiction with it but she is still struggling with the eating addiction.

Nachalah exercises 6 days a week and wants to show off her body on Instagram like those music video models. There is a goldmine of music video models on Instagram and Nachalah wants to be one of them and she wants to do it so badly. Sometimes while working out, Nachalah feels like giving up but then she says to herself “Pain is temporary but that hot body is forever” and then the negative urges disappear.

Nachalah loves to gamble online and read about the same too, her current favorite gambling blog is gbfarmequipment and her favorite online gambling games are FIFA55 and Domino Qui Qui.

New York born Tel Aviv resident bets online in hope to win millions some day

Yotam Kahane (name changed) is an Israeli young man who was born in the New York City but his family moved to Tel Aviv when Yotam was 11. Yotam hits the gym everyday and he has been saving money to buy a bungalow by the beach in Tel Aviv city.

Before going to sleep each night, Yotam prays to god for more skills, more talent, more health, longevity, more money and more spiritual and material knowledge.

Yotam has this peculiar quality of never feeling bored. Yotam attributes this quality of his to not looking at the women lustfully. Yotam says that looking at women lustfully releases dopamine equivalent to shooting heroin and the rest of the day when you are not doing that perverse activity you feel absolutely bored and lifeless. Though a Jew, Yotam has a great respect in his heart for Jesus and he is a great lover of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. He repeats the twenty-eighth verse of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew at least once a day to remind himself of not looking at women lustfully.

Anyways, Yotam has been betting big on FIFA55 online gambling websites which he got to know about through ganbanyokuma. Yotam doesn’t bet because he enjoys it but he really hopes to win millions someday. His winning ratio yet has been marvelous – 3:1. He has won 75% of the bets yet.

Yotam loves to read, especially religious fables and stories. He loves Indian mythology but finds it way too stoic to enjoy life.

Third-generation gems and stones dealer from India loves playing FIFA55

Chitra Bedi (name changed) was one at the top of her industry but is now at the bottom. Chitra owned one of the very few pizza restaurants in the capital of India – New Delhi. There were no Pizza hut or Domino’s back in the day anywhere in New Delhi.

Chitra says that she believes in working at her full potential but it doesn’t seem to be true looking at her business performance. She could have tackled those Domino’s and Pizza huts easily if she did her best which I don’t think she did.

Chitra speaks fluent Italian, English and Spanish. She constantly keeps upgrading her skills but I don’t think she applies them much.

Chitra’s husband – Chander never blames or complains about anything. He is a very successful businessman dealing in gems and stones. He is a wholesaler of gems and stones, it is a business that he inherited from his father and his father from his father.

Chitra and Chander claim that uniting with your spouse in Kamasutra positions is uniting with the almighty god himself. They hit the state of turiya each time they make love to each other.

Each night the sexual demon takes over Chitra and she cannot control himself. She has a string of toys for the days when Chander is not around.

Chitra and Chander claim that Shiva was the first man in the history of the earth to practice successful tantric sex and that’s where he got the name Ekalinga – the perfect union of a man and a woman.

Chander is an online gambling freak and he has a record of winning more bets than losing. His current favorite online gambling game is FIFA55 which he discovered after reading a post on fix it center.

Gujarati woman won 80, 000 Indian Rupees with FIFA55

Kinjal Desai (name changed) is a Gujarati woman from India who says that Indians are the epitomes of hypocrisy. Indians pop out more babies than any other nation each year not because they are prepared for it but because their parents tell them to. She says that Indian parents are one of the worst and they always doubt that their kids are having some illicit sexual relationships if their kids are not religious enough which is much more prevalent than ever before in today’s time.

Kinjal knows an Indian man who heard his son listening to the infamous mystic and cult leader OSHO once. When he reached the room of his son, the son told him that he accidentally clicked on that video of OSHO, then his father started checking the history of his Youtube and found that 30% of the videos in the recent history were OSHO related. The father took out his belt and started hitting his son with that. His son screamed and cried “Sorry Dad” all the time when he was receiving the beating but his father wouldn’t listen.

Kinjal has the name of ten Sikh gurus on her fingertips and she claims that Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism are far more superior than the evil Hinduism. The fraudulent greedy Brahmins within Hinduism will do anything to make more money and keep themselves in business.

There is no limit to the socio-economic hierarchies in India unlike the USA where there are 7 socio-economic hierarchies.

Anyways, Kinjal won 80, 000 Indian Rupees recently after betting on a FIFA55 website. She is learning Thai and that’s how she learnt about FIFA55 when she stumbled upon a Thai blog that goes by the name domaine des ormes.

Young Indian-American woman won 50, 000 USD betting with FIFA55

Asmita Pandey (name changed) is an Indian-American woman whose parents cannot talk enough about the corruption during the 1970s and 1980s in India. It was an era when there used to be license raj (rule) in India and what that means is that ordinary individuals needed to get a license in order to start a major business which they never were able to get ethically and without paying a bribe which used to be in tens of millions of Rupees back in those days which would be like tens of millions of dollars in today’s time due to inflation. Only a handful of companies used to rule over all the industries back in the day owned by Tatas, Birlas, Godrej, Modi, Wadias. All of these families were already well-established in their respective industries during the British rule in India and they were some of the most preferred and favorites of the Britishers.

Common people used to starve during the Gandhi-Nehru family rule. It was in fact Nehru family, not even Nehru, these guys were Parsis, not Hindus but disguised themselves as Gandhis in a very cunning and clever way but the local citizens of not that stupid as they thought they were. They have been rejecting the Indian National Congress (INC) Party for over past 5 years and there doesn’t seem to be any hope for the INC anymore.

Asmita’s parents are huge fans of the legendary Indian politicians Murli Manohar Joshi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is not alive anymore, LK Advani is already 91 and Murli Manohar is 84. According to Asmita’s parents, their names will be written in the history of India.

Anyway, Asmita won 50, 000 USD last week with betting on a FIFA55 gambling website. Asmita has been learning Thai for the past 3 months and she starts reading any and every blog or website in Thai language that she comes across to improve her command in Thai language and that’s when she discovered the domain edesormes blog and FIFA55 gambling websites.

All Chasha Bellamy do is win win win no matter what

Chasha Bellamy (name changed) is never willing to provide any of her personal information online at all and she does the same when it comes to spending some time doing romancing with her most favorite hobby and that is gambling online. Chasha loves to play poker, domino qui qui, FIFA55. Her current most favorite among these three is FIFA55 which she discovered while browsing some blogs in Thai language. Chasha cannot thank the author of do jo blog enough because she has been extremely lucky with FIFA55 and there is no possibility that she would have discovered it if she didn’t read that post on do jo.

Chasha owns several online forums and blogs and she never uses her real name on any of those. She always chooses a pseudonym or a fake name to protect her identity. All her blogs and forums are WHOIS privacy protected as well.

Chasha owns a recycled products brand as well and she uses the name of those brands sometimes instead of a username in order to promote them.

I myself cannot recall the last time that I used my real name on an online forum. The only forums where I choose to use my real name is a private forum where roughly only 200 members are allowed to post or browse. We all use our real names there, it is just like a secret society.

Using your real name on a car or a real estate forum is not okay either. I used to use my real name on car and real estate forums earlier but they were selling my personal information to a third party.  I started getting so many spam calls, emails, Whatsapp messages, SMS offering services related to cars and real estate.

Pornstar escort wins more than she earns

Maya Rajput (name changed) is the essence of femininity with a warm personality, and she has a way of making you feel very comfortable and relaxed in her company. She is real, natural 34 C breasted, 5’9″ tall.

Maya is the perfect choice for the gentlemen who appreciate the finer things in life. A few of her characteristics are that she is elegant, sexy and a very easy person to get on with.

Gorgeous mixed race leggy Maya, with a beautiful face to match her stunning personality, the girl is an escort with  a very high standard. With a gorgeous body to match her stunning looks, Maya is the perfect choice.

Maya has acted in a lot of porn movies as well and while she wants to marry so badly, she doesn’t want her future husband to ever know what she used to do in the past.

Maya dismisses the studies done on pornography and its harmful effects on brain. She claims that it is a propaganda by the media and they are doing this to extort money out of the pornographers and producers.

Maya claims that watching pornography and not jerking off increases endorphins, dopamine, serotonin in the brain and stimulating yourself sexually raises testosterone like nothing else does.

Once Maya’s personal information on a social media website that I would not name here got divulged to a third party, since then she hasn’t been using social media at all.

Maya’s favorite hobby is gambling online and her current favorite is FIFA55 which she learnt about from daily 10 online. She wins more money betting than she does escorting.

Escort addict keeps winning bets

Asher Schiff (name changed) recently had incredible fun with several different stunning Greek escort beauties during his recent business trip to Patras, Greece.

Asher Schiff says that South American beauties are his most favorite. Asher’s addiction to escorts has never jeopardized anything significant in his life yet, instead he has learnt a lot from it. In fact, one of the escorts that he met in Pattaya really changed his life for the better. She was an online gambling addict and he told Asher about alovietpinless.

As they say that behind every successful man is a woman, Asher is not married but this escort proved to be the reason behind Asher’s great success. Just like that escort, Asher does nothing but win whenever he bets.

Asher has met that escort several times each time he visits Thailand and let me tell you that Asher is very frequent to Thailand. She is a naturally voluptuous, kinky and fun-loving beauty who just can’t get enough of the very deep and sensual experience that she and Asher have together. She loves being the attention-grabbing, desirable lady of any man’s dream.

She has more qualities that you can discover when you get to know her, and you can be certain to be pleased by her charming personality.

She has a really pretty smile, great ass. Feel free to comment if you like me to send her pictures, she looks much better in person though.

This fun-loving Thai escort cannot forget the night when she kissed her mother goodnight after watching a comedy show together and after that night her mother never woke back.

Fifa 55 gambling is the greatest revolution in the recent history of online gambling

“Success is something that you attract, not something that you pursue.” – Jim Rohn

Alter Starer’s great-grandfather used to be one of the greatest revolutionaries of his time. He was one of the top boxers of his time too who knocked out some of the greatest boxers of his time in the ring. Still, when Alter’s great-grandfather needed a driving license, it took him several attempts to get one. As they say that hard-work really pays off, it did too in the case of Alter’s great-grandfather, their revolutionary movement was a great success of their time.

Many thought of the revolution industry as a massive scale industry back in the day which it wasn’t in the case of Alter’s great-grandfather. These guys had their movement focused on social good and social welfare only. It wasn’t something that they did in order to get into the power.

Alter’s great-grandfather was a huge proponent of chastity and he attributed his extraordinary energy, larger than life overall personality, stunningly beautiful hair, magnetic charisma, full beard and mustache to the virtue of chastity. The guy looked at least 10 times better than Joseph Stalin himself.

I can tell that Alter’s great-grandmother must have an unbelievable self-control because her husband apparently made love to her only twice a year and he was really a handsome guy. It must have been hard to resist for Alter’s great-grandmother to resist the temptation.

The only person that has inspired Alter in his family is his great-grandfather. Alter finds all the living members of his family negative and uninspiring. In fact, the only person that has ever been able to leave a real imprint on Alter’s life is his great-grandfather. Alter is not willing to become a revolutionary in the sense that his great-grandfather did but he has been earning money with unconventional and revolutionary methods like Fifa 55 online gambling. Alter’s laptop is his temple and air force is his laptop’s soul.

Exceptionally qualified man’s wife cannot stop playing Fifa 55 on 2khtarekhorshid

Mike Wolfe (name changed) believes in constant financial and spiritual growth. Mike owns one of the most popular clothing store in the downtown area of his city with an exclusive array of clothing for men and women. All the employees in Mike’s store are polite and very welcoming. Mike doesn’t tolerate a single undisciplined, rude or negative employee. He claims that they are like rotten apples who sooner or later destroy the whole business. Mike truly has a global mind and exceptional qualifications. Shoppers find Mike’s store brilliant 6 out of 7 times. When it is not brilliant, it is not bad either.

Mike doesn’t drink tea, coffee or caffeine of any sort whether it be in the form of diet soda or a regular soda but rather takes herbal ashwagandha for energy.

Each year Mike donates 25000 USD to organizations that fight poverty, HIV/AIDS, environmental degradation, protect human rights and combat terrorism.

Mike holds a PhD in history from a premier institute.

Mike’s daughter Christina is a medical student who leaves everyone breathless with her overall great personality. She is very articulate and knows so well to carry a good conversation. Christina loves dancing, fun and socializing, going out in a cozy romantic occasion.

Mike’s wife Calina is very passionate about writing and gambling. As they say, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way”, since Calina lost her legs to a car accident, she has been gambling online and her most favorite gambling game is Fifa 55 that she plays almost everyday on 2khtarekhorshid.

Calina also tried to make a fast buck online once, unfortunately she got all her websites banned for domain squatting.

Indonesian woman living in Turkey makes more money than most with poker

Brandon Williams (name changed) is a big booty lover. His wife is getting a music video butt done next week by the most expensive butt implant surgeon in Turkey.

Brandon’s wife is sensual as a B-movie female star with the heart of a nun. She knows very well what Brandon likes and how he likes it. After making out with his wife each time, Brandon says the same line “Hats of to the queen”. It has been 17 years since their marriage and their private lives have only been getting better ever since.

The couple always books the same table at the same restaurant usually when they want to go out for a dinner.

Recently, Brandon’s wife Inten took him to her home country Indonesia and she acted as his personal sexy tour guide there. Sex was the first thing that they did every morning while in Indonesia and then after that they used to visit some nice place for the breakfast.

When they visited Inten’s sister’s home in Yogyakarta, they found that she had recently been divorced. She was feeling all lonely and Inten decided to give her a gift that night. Inten asked Brandon if he would be comfortable with getting intimate with her sister and Brandon couldn’t resist. He had butterflies flying in his stomach with excitement and after Inten went to her sister’s room and told her that Brandon will take care of you tonight, she got all excited too.

Inten is mysterious, passionate and bit vicious and she makes more money than most other women in Indonesia or in Turkey. All she does is play poker and win. Yes, the people telling you that gambling is bad are the ones who want to keep it a secret or naive idiots who have never played any themselves.

Homeopathic doctor is the lucky charm for her gambler husband

Siobhan Stewart (name changed) has always been very clear about where she is going. She very firmly believes that people with no sense of direction at all are intrinsically evil. She can forgive people with a limited sense of direction but people with no direction at all, she just hates them.

Siobhan is a perfect wife who is very accommodating and fun to talk with. Siobhan is also very hot in bed, kind, beautiful and so much more. Her husband is extremely lucky to have her as the companion for life. Since Siobhan came into his life, he has been winning the game of Fifa55 gambling like never before, Siobhan and ymlp307 have together made him a multi-millionaire.

Siobhan didn’t grow up in a very friendly atmosphere. She had a grandmother who once even spat on her face. She even used to call Siobhan names and degraded her whenever she got a chance to. Once she even dragged her back by the hair but Siobhan was noble enough to never disrespect her. Siobhan used to curse her behind her back when she was all alone but she never cursed or disrespected her right in her front or in front of anybody else.

Even though Siobhan’s husband never gets tired of repeating that he has been blessed with the best, Siobhan constantly rejects that statement and claims that her mother was even a better wife than her overall.

Siobhan recently completed a 3 year professional program in homeopathic medicine and health sciences. Although Siobhan doesn’t plan to open a clinic or become a full-fledged homeopathic doctor anytime soon, she claims that the program has made her life better overall by teaching her things about health she never knew before and she doesn’t regret completing the program even a bit.

Indian woman killing it with soccer gambling in Indonesia

Veena Sardesai (name changed) is a stunning Indian beauty with big lips and big hips. Veena knows how to please even the strictest men. Veena used to be a liberal political activist during her days in India who believed in a great revolution.

Veena loves to have great time with her boyfriends. She is learning Italian, Spanish and French languages all at once.

Veena looks much better in pictures than in the flesh and that’s why she cannot get enough of taking and posting selfies on social media. Veena is a very kind and hot lady, that’s one thing nobody can deny.

Veena is a fun-loving, intelligent and well-read person. She spends a couple of her hours everyday on self-improvement. She was recently in a relationship with a younger guy who was a very complicated person and would play mind games all the time with her. Veena broke up with him and is currently in search of a new one. She is always looking for a partner who is amusing, cheerful, fun-loving and courageous.

Veena has been living in Indonesia for the past 15 years and during her initial days in Indonesia, she used to live with her then boyfriend who was a very complex person and would spend nights in Thailand while Veena would be waiting for him in his Jakarta home. They broke up as it was inevitable. After that, Veena struggled a lot and lived in a rented apartment until she started playing judi bola online and made a fortune of her own.

Today, Veena is a self-made millionaire, she owns a mansion by a beach in Bali and a penthouse in a plush neighborhood in Jakarta.

Gentleman from Darwin, Australia wants 50 cars with hydraulics in his garage

Axel Wilson (name changed) likes everything to be classy and sophisticated. He only goes to the finest restaurants to eat, he is a member of the most expensive clubs of the plushest neighborhoods where only millionaires come, he wears the freshest suits, he buys his wife and girlfriends the most expensive clothes and jewelry. Axel aims to fill his garage with 50 plush cars with hydraulics. But who is Axel Wilson?

Axel Wilson was born and raised in the popular coastal city of Australia that goes by the name Darwin.

Axel listens to his intuitions all the time and he is a great believer of the statement ‘the harder you work the better you get’. From the age of 18 to 38, Axel worked extremely hard and he would always listen to his intuition as well whenever it told him anything only to thank god later. Once Axel had a dream that he won millions of AUD in a dream and the first thing that he did after waking up was search for biggest lottery agent aka Agen Togel Terbesar in Indonesian language. He couldn’t resist clicking on the first website that popped up and then couldn’t resist checking out its testimonials. After reading the testimonials, Axel couldn’t resist playing the game himself and since then he has been buying millions of dollars’ worth tickets a year from the same website and transforming that into several millions.

Axel Wilson loves to listen to Bryan Adams’ popular 80s song “Run to You”. He heard the song first time in the infamous and one of the highest rated video games ever ‘GTA Vice City’ and he has been listening to the same ever since then.

Axel possesses an impeccable oral communication skill which almost everybody he meets appreciates directly or indirectly, either to him or to their family or friends.

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Bima Peng (name changed) is a young and passionate gentleman. Bima loves women and their tantrums. Every beautiful woman that he meets enters his mind forever. Just 2 days ago he sent a lady 2 years older 2 trucks full of flowers to her doorstep only to get rejected again. Bima was in his toilet when he heard the news that he has been rejected. Bima broke down his toilet seat in anger after learning the same.

Bima is most likely a narcissist. At least all his friends and relatives tell him that he is a narcissist. I personally haven’t had any personal encounter with Bima, I have only chatted with him on Facebook, Whatsapp and Discord. I can’t say anything about whether Bima is a narcissist or not.

Bima was raised by lazy parents and he is making sure to himself that he doesn’t become a lazy parent in the near future. Bima was also raised with a belief that free market economy is a myth and all the economy of the world is controlled by a secret organization most of whose members live in Switzerland and Miami.

Bima’s parents wanted him to become a catholic priest when he was a teen. Bima’s mother and father both also believed that woman was created to help and support man.

Bima didn’t want to become a catholic priest and that would be the last thing that he ever wanted to do. The number one reason being Catholic priests need to spend all their lives as celibates. Bima drives a 6 wheel G-wagon today and all the credit goes to the situs qq which he discovered just 8 months ago. Within these 8 months Bima’s life has changed completely.

Hyperactive celibate stunning young lady made a fortune with super-unusual way

Budhiwati Yao (name changed) always believed in creating a life that she really wanted. Budhiwati is a stunning beauty and she used to drive men crazy with making eye contact with them when she was a teen.

Budhiwati has always been on a different level no matter what it is. She was a wonderful student, she was great at sports in her school days, badminton, soccer, basketball, she played it all. But her most favorite was cycling.

Budhiwati always had a great sense of humor as well.  Budhiwati believes in celibacy and sisterhood. Budhiwati is a member of celibate females cult and never plans to get married or have sex.

Budhiwati got her tubes tied 10 years ago when she decided that she is never going to have a baby. Budhiwati suffered with PCOS for a short span in her late teens.

Budhiwati has a sister who is a pathological liar. Budhiwati has never seen a liar like her own sister in her life. She lied about being pregnant, she lied about passing the examinations, she lied about going to a college while she would just wander through the shopping malls or hang out with her friends. Budhiwati once received an email from one of her sister’s friends who told Budhiwati what was going on in reality in her sister’s life and how she was fooling all her family.

Anyways, Budhiwati has found a great secret of becoming multi-millionaire. Budhiwati has been multiplying her money playing PKV Games Indonesia and has successfully turned her 150 US Dollars into 75000 US Dollars within 50 days already.

From dishwashers to giant luxury van restaurant owner

Abrahan is a 22 year young guy from the small town called Leme in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Abrahan’s one and only dream while he was growing up was to go the United States one day and make a fortune there. Abrahan never wanted to become a criminal but he couldn’t get enough of watching the movie Scarface.

After completing high school in Leme, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Abrahan worked at a local restaurant for a couple of years and then at the age of 20, he went to the Miami, United States. Like Tony Montana in the movie Scarface, Abrahan worked as a dishwasher initially in the paradise called Miami. He also met a co-worker there who till date is his best friend. His name is Inacio and he is also from Brazil but from a different town and state. Inacio is from Barcarena, Para. The co-incidence is that Inacio also loves the movie Scarface and he is very much inspired by the Manolo Ribera played by Steven Bauer in the movie Scarface.

Both Abrahan and Inacio came to the United States to achieve the American dream one day and while it looked impossible to them to achieve the same after one year of struggling offline, they went the online way. Inacio told Abrahan about judi bola online and how it could make them rich. Abrahan was too much excited to learn more about the same, after seeing a hope, Abrahan and Inacio invested 75 US Dollars each into the game and started playing.

In the first night, they transformed their 150 US Dollars into 225. Both were very excited and played the game again the next night coming back from the work, this time they transformed their 225 US Dollars into 775 and they couldn’t believe it.

Within 1 year only through judi bola online, they have bought a giant stunning van restaurant which they call “Abrahan and Inacio’s” and they have 4 employees as well. They only serve Brazilian food.

Gardening Consultant making it big with Judi QQ Online

Evangelina is a 28 year young gardening consultant. Evangelina is a gardening enthusiast and she doesn’t do gardening consultant merely for her livelihood, but because she loves it.  Evangelina was introduced to the gardening by her aunt (sister of her mother) at the age of 8. Her aunt is also a gardening consultant. Unfortunately, her aunt passed away when Evangelina was 18. At age 21, Evangelina started her own gardening consultancy. If her aunt hadn’t passed away, Evangelina could use lots of contacts from her aunt to expand her own business.

Evangelina didn’t have an idea that the business is too competitive now and with the videos on Youtube teaching for free about gardening and related stuff, the business will be almost dead. There are world’s most popular gardeners and experts in the gardening business teaching everything about gardening for free. Why would anyone hire a gardening consultant?

Evangelina didn’t know what to do. She found herself very helpless and researched on the internet what she could do. All the businesses that looked promising to her required lots of investment and then too the success wasn’t fully guaranteed.

Evangelina thought of starting a Youtube channel herself. Evangelina had everything she needed to start a Youtube channel and she has great communication skills too, so it was inevitable that her videos are going to be liked by the viewers. But it takes time to get popular on the Youtube. Evangelina was confused as to how was she going to make a living till then. Evangelina researched thoroughly and came across this judi qq online website. Evangelina played judi and transformed her money into double. Evangelina was now sure that this is how she is going to make money until she becomes very popular on the Youtube.

It has been a couple of months since Evangelina started her own Youtube channel and playing judi qq online everyday. Evangelina is yet to become a Youtube sensation, but she is already making it big in the judi qq online world.

Young Iraqi-Swedish Man owns 2 popular ice cream parlours with the help of poker

Moshe is a 25 year young immigrant in Sweden from Iraq. Moshe is an Iraq-Christian by birth. His parents first moved to Jordan from Iraq when the Kurds and Shias took over the Iraq and then after 3 years of not finding the appropriate means of livelihood, moved up to Sweden.

Moshe grew up healthy and good. Moshe didn’t attend a university or a college because he didn’t have the money to and he didn’t want to take a loan either to study. He has seen people in their 40s paying the loan that they took back when they were 18. Moshe didn’t want to be one of those guys.

From the age of 18 to 24, Moshe worked at odd jobs like working at a McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and other low wage paying jobs.

Moshe always wanted to be an ice cream man. Moshe would watch the ice cream men on Television, Movies and Video Games and always wonder how can he become one.

Moshe was now 24 and not finding any pleasure at his waiting tables job at the Pizza Hut. Moshe wanted to start his own small ice cream business very badly. With the wages he was earning at the Pizza Hut, it was impossible for him to start one within the upcoming 2 decades. Moshe needed to play it smart. Moshe had 500 Euros that he saved working at the odd jobs in the past 6 years and he wondered how he could use these 500 Euros to start his own ice cream parlour. He got an idea in his head that playing poker can multiply the amount he is carrying with himself.

Moshe played poker all night and successfully transformed his 500 Euros to 4500. Then he got scared and left for his waiting tables job. Came back from the job and played poker for hours again, transformed those 4500 Euros into 16240. Did this for a couple of weeks until he transformed that money into 100, 000 Euros.

Now, Moshe is 25 years young and he owns 2 of the most popular ice cream parlours in the beautiful town of Halmstad.