Watch retail company owner wants to start a drive-by restaurant chain with the TOTO money

Yong Sin is a Maltese businessman of Korean origin. Yong came to Malta when he was only 12 and he has been loving it ever since. Yong loves everything about the Island nation of Malta and Gozo, be it the weather, girls, beaches, its peculiar architecture, history, glory or the Mediterranean sea.

Yong is a proud owner of a watch retail company that is popular all over the Island of Malta and Gozo for its delicious coffee. Sometimes it looks like Yong’s watch shops are more coffee shops than the watch shops. At least one out of three customers or prospects leave Yong’s shop complimenting the coffee.

Anyways, Yong is now planning to start a chain of drive-by restaurants as well with the money that he recently won with a TOTO website. The website is in the Korean language and Yong says that the best thing that happened to him due to his command in the Korean language is finding this website. Yong says that soon enough, he will have more money made off by TOTO gambling than running his popular watch retail company.

Yong is a conspiracy theorist as well and some of Yong’s popular conspiracy theories are that the Illuminati is behind the ever-growing Japanese car sales and their ever-growing reliability, durability and quality and at the same time the same Illuminati is behind the ever-declining car sales, unreliability, non-durability of the American and European cars. Yong says that he is doubtful about whether the Illuminati is behind the ever-increasing sales, quality, reliability of the Hyundai and Kia as well. He has been doing a research on this topic for a while. Yong says that the Illuminati is doing this for a huge interest which nobody knows about except for himself. Yong says that he would have disclosed the secret but he fears the life of his family and that of himself.

Yong loves to tell his tales with rich and elegant Portuguese female escorts. He recently had lots of fun with a female escort in Viana do Castelo (sexo viana do castelo) whose grandmother was an adult model and worked as a softcore pornstar for a while as well.

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