Online casino pro accuses the Pentagon of running and ruining the world

Zelda Brent (name changed) is a professional dietitian who claims that fruits are only good for health when eaten fresh otherwise they are not. Zelda claims to have done many such experiments on herself and it always came out the same, when she ate nothing but fresh fruits her skin looked way too different than the days when she didn’t and on the weeks when she ate stale fruits, she looked horrible.

Zelda was born to English parents in India. She came to England back in 1996 with her parents, her parents to this day regret giving away their Indian citizenship for the British nationality as they believe they could have been more prosperous in India.

Zelda has done a lot of research on the political scene of the world and especially India. Zelda claims that the politicians of the Indian subcontinent, especially the ones in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are totally controlled by the Washington. Zelda claims that most elections around the world are rigged and the people in Washington voluntarily select the most incapable and greedy men and women to become the ministers.

As Zelda has studied and researched the Indian politics so well, Zelda claims that the infamous Indian politician – Pramod Mahajan aka Chanakya of Bharatiya Janata Party of India was murdered by his brother – Pravin Mahajan on the order of the Pentagon in the United States. Zelda claims that the Pentagon decided to kill Pramod Mahajan because he was going out of hands.

Anyways, Zelda couldn’t care less about the Indian politics or anything else at the moment as she has been winning thousands of dollars constantly for the past 5 days betting onĀ

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