Chemist lady hopes to save enough money with winning bets to help her rich dad start a new business

Ahadi Craven laughs her ass off whenever she recalls the time when she used to practice French kiss with a glass while she was still a teenager. Ahadi was born in a rich family and this is evident from the fact that her father bought her a Chevrolet Camaro on her 15th birthday.

Ahadi’s father always used to be a critic of the banking system and always called it a Ponzi scheme in disguise. Recently, Ahadi’s father lost a lot of money with his LED Backlit Monitors for cars business and now he wants to enter USB and Computer Peripherals Industry but he will need to take a loan from the same banks that he hates so much in order to fulfill his dream of entering the Computer Peripherals and USB industry.

Ahadi on the other hand is busy winning bets upon bets with the trusted DominoQQ online dealer (agen dominoqq online terpercaya)
that she recently discovered. Ahadi believes that if she keeps winning money at this pace, she will soon enough be able to provide her father all the money that he requires to start his own Computer Peripherals and USB company.

Ahadi is a chemist by profession and she has also been working on creating a phonographic record technology that will not require the use of vinyl chloride at all. Ahadi believes that vinyl chloride is responsible for causing liver cancer to roughly about 1/3 of the industrial workers.

Although Ahadi is a chemist herself, she is highly critical of the scientists and their misdeeds in the past and in the present. Ahadi is very much against everything nuclear and she warns against believing a scientist, chemist or anyone belonging to the scientific field so easily.

She learnt about GClub through a Chatango Chatroom and it changed her life forever

Sadia Yakoub has always been a dedicated hard-worker. When Sadia used to own her own dry cleaning business, she dedicated herself to it like she was running the Microsoft. When Sadia gambled, she made sure that she came across each and every useful post on the internet talking about genuine and reliable online casinos and you may be surprised to know that Sadia learnt about on a Chatango chatroom dedicated to online casinos, lotteries and gambling. Sadia has won 81 million Thai Bahts over a period of 10 months with Gclub Casino and she started her own wholesale and export company with the money she won.

Sadia’s company wholesales and exports Telephone Booths, Plastic Pallets, Plastic Septic Tanks, Acid Pump Motors, PVC Modular Kitchens, Loft Tanks, Mobil Urine, PVC Cupboards, PVC Kitchen Furniture, PVC Western Toilets, Puff Cabins, Security Cabins, Septic Tanks, Storage Water Tanks, TV Showcase Units, Security Cabin Cone Models.

Sadia’s dad was also a hard-working person like Sadia herself. He used to independently repair Bag Closer Machine with his bare hands.

Sadia believes that most multinational corporations have turned away from the path of supplying their consumers with the best products possible to making the most money out of them and it is Sadia’s core mission to change this all.

Sadia recently enjoyed a trip to Virginia where she fell in love with a tall and handsome Italian man. They have been video-chatting ever since and Sadia says that she will marry him without a second thought if he ever proposes her.

Sadia never drank alcohol, smoke or used any substance. She says that the secret is that she never feels bored and she loves working. Sadia claims that boredom is the root cause of all bad addictions and most people feel bored because they don’t feel satisfied with the work they are doing or the result they are getting with their work or both.

Law of Attraction is real, since winning millions with UFABet, Wattana has been attracting only wealthy gentlemen

Wattana Laohwattanapinyo used to be the biggest supplier of Solid Ox Gallstone in all of Thailand but even being the biggest in the business wasn’t enough to make Wattana millions of US dollars in a year.  Wattana started gambling online and offline because of the frustration and she lost tons of money with the real life gambling but the online gambling, especially UFABET turned out to be lucky enough for Wattana to make her win sufficient money to start her own retail chain of women’s clothing that currently has 12 branches. Wattana’s short-term goal is to make her store a household name in all of Southeast Asia and her long term goal is to expand her clothing store to carry a lot more stuff and make it a global household name.

Wattana is extremely impressed with the time management skills of the Canadian people. Wattana knows only 3 Canadians personally and she is amazed at how great they are at time management. Wattana says that these 3 people take into account each and every second that they spend. Wattana’s most favorite time management author and speaker is also a Canadian, his name is Brian Tracy and his videos and eBooks are available all over the Youtube for free.

Wattana has been studying the business, industries and their future for quite a while now and she claims that the nation of Uruguay has tons of resources which are of no value at the present moment but they will be of great importance in the near future.

Wattana has been dating this multinational restaurant chain owner for quite a while who doesn’t believe in half-measures at all and by that I mean that the quality of his restaurants, the staff there and the food they serve is as great in Vietnam or Thailand as it is in USA or Denmark.

This small packing company owner hates conspiracy theories but loves gambling

Karen Salerno owns a packing company located right in the opposite of a legal brother. Karen always hated the location of her company because of that very brothel but she doesn’t hate it anymore because one of the men who is one of the very regular clients of that brothel was the one who told Karen about a secret that turned Karen into a multimillionaire overnight and that secret is called a reliable Sakong BRI agent aka agen sakong bri. This guy is of Indonesian origin and like most Indonesians, he is a gambling addict but instead of losing the money with gambling, he always ends up winning it because of his smarts and after seeing Karen’s pretty face and stunning body, he forgot all about that he should keep it a secret. He believed that after winning those millions, Karen will be so impressed by him that she will end up sleeping with him but Karen is not one of those cheap brothel girls that he is used to meeting, she is a respected businesswoman and even her husband has to take an appointment before kissing or touching her.

Karen lived in Trinidad and Tobago for five years and she still misses the shrewdness and sensibility of the people that live there. Karen says that it is unbelievable how the people of Trinidad and Tobago don’t believe rumors or anything that cannot be verified so easily like the people in most western countries. Karen says that she cannot believe her eyes when she sees thousands of people lining up to see conspiracy theorists like David Icke, a guy that makes no sense at all and is most definitely a troll who is making a fortune on the gullibility of the poor Americans and Europeans. Karen was more than shocked to learn that one of her nieces is also a believer of David Icke’s conspiracy theories.

SEO firm owner made millions with Judi and now wants to start her own hotel chain

Shauna Tennant is a SEO firm owner who personally learnt how to create backlinks from one of the most popular Youtubers on the subject – Lazy Ass Stoner. Shauna says that Lazy Ass Stoner is a really nice and fun guy.

Shauna say that one of the things that surprised her the most while working as an Internet Marketeer the businesses that sell expensive products spend much lesser time, effort and money on the Internet Marketing than the ones that sell regular and cheap products and services.

Shauna decided to become an SEO expert herself when her Cryptocurrency compay that she found couldn’t do well due to the lack of Internet Marketing.

Shauna believes that the success in the modern day and age is a scientific process and anybody can make a fortune or become financially independent if they figure out exactly what is neded ob done or in other words, if they play their cards right. Shauna’s financial success story too has a lot to do with the cards, Shauna made millions with finding the right Judi Slot company and she says that online gambling is one of the best ways to get rich quick in today’s competitive and stressful world.

Shauna has been thinking about starting her own boutique hotel chain with her newfoud wealth but she fears ranking her hotels on the top of the search engines as ranking hotels of the big cities on the top of the search engines is a herculean task.

Shauna says that she only uses Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads to check which keywords are bringing in sales and then she starts focusing on working on those keywords. Shauna hates the fact that the Google Adwords search volume numbers are still way above than the real figures like they used to be in 2006.

Accountant left her supervisor job to start her own women’s clothing factory – Casino Power

Cheryl Jenson used to be an office supervisor at an accounting firm until she learnt about a thing called Netroulette getestet. Cheryl was already tired of her low paying job and she knew that she was made for something big. After a couple of years of winning constantly now, Cheryl could really change her dream of owning a women’s clothing factory into a reality. Cheryl’s factory produces tops, dresses, bottoms and accessories for women. Cheryl has been thinking about expanding the business and getting into manufacturing t-shirts, shirts and tunics as well.

Cheryl also bought a couple of her dream cars with her newfound wealth. Cheryl bought a used Rolls Royce Phantom from her uncle who is a judge and a Maserati Levante from her mother’s sister who is an actor and ex-model.

One of Cheryl’s nephews whose name is Carlos is so mischievous. He was 4 years young when once he was caught staring and touching Cheryl’s boobs while making a moaning sort of sound. Recently, the same nephew of Cheryl was badly beaten by a group of guys when they saw him putting the ‘Fix It Again Tony’ sticker on their Fiat cars.

Carlos is a great fan of Yamaha bikes and he constantly writes to Yamaha that they should get into the car business as well. He once wrote to Yamaha that making V8 engines for other vehicles is not enough, you need to create several engines for several Yamaha cars. Please get into making cars as soon as possible before it gets too late and the Chinese take over the car industry completely.

Carlos’s dream is to have his own helmet company once he grows up. He says that he wants to see every biker with his name written on their helmets, especially the female bikers. Currently, Carlos is pursuing his MBA from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences and I really believe that this horny and mischevious boy has a hidden tycoon inside him. He needn’t worry about the funds for his business as the casino forums are always there to provide him with those as they did to his aunt – Cheryl.

Watch retail company owner wants to start a drive-by restaurant chain with the TOTO money

Yong Sin is a Maltese businessman of Korean origin. Yong came to Malta when he was only 12 and he has been loving it ever since. Yong loves everything about the Island nation of Malta and Gozo, be it the weather, girls, beaches, its peculiar architecture, history, glory or the Mediterranean sea.

Yong is a proud owner of a watch retail company that is popular all over the Island of Malta and Gozo for its delicious coffee. Sometimes it looks like Yong’s watch shops are more coffee shops than the watch shops. At least one out of three customers or prospects leave Yong’s shop complimenting the coffee.

Anyways, Yong is now planning to start a chain of drive-by restaurants as well with the money that he recently won with a TOTO website. The website is in the Korean language and Yong says that the best thing that happened to him due to his command in the Korean language is finding this website. Yong says that soon enough, he will have more money made off by TOTO gambling than running his popular watch retail company.

Yong is a conspiracy theorist as well and some of Yong’s popular conspiracy theories are that the Illuminati is behind the ever-growing Japanese car sales and their ever-growing reliability, durability and quality and at the same time the same Illuminati is behind the ever-declining car sales, unreliability, non-durability of the American and European cars. Yong says that he is doubtful about whether the Illuminati is behind the ever-increasing sales, quality, reliability of the Hyundai and Kia as well. He has been doing a research on this topic for a while. Yong says that the Illuminati is doing this for a huge interest which nobody knows about except for himself. Yong says that he would have disclosed the secret but he fears the life of his family and that of himself.

Yong loves to tell his tales with rich and elegant Portuguese female escorts. He recently had lots of fun with a female escort in Viana do Castelo (sexo viana do castelo) whose grandmother was an adult model and worked as a softcore pornstar for a while as well.

Flower shop chain owner is working on creating a unique and innovative cream with gambling dollars

Ann Biermann owns a flower shop chain but she hates flowers herself which is quite unusual for a feminine woman like Ann.

Ann does a lot of shopping for rings and chains – silver, gold, platinum, she loves it all.

Ann is a blogger who writes about almost everything that she feels appropriate. Ann recently also made a post about how the gambling blogs like nrk net made her a fortune and she didn’t hesitate to reveal the secret behind her fortune which is quite unusual again.

Recently, Ann announced in one of her blog posts that she has been working on building a cream that will turn the women’s neck to something irresistible for men. Ann plans to keep most of the ingredients secret but she has already told that it is going to be a mix of 200-300 different ingredients and going to cost thousands of dollars for 150 milligram. She says that it is quite dangerous for men as well as it may cause the situation of sexual hysteria for them. Ann also wrote that the invention of this cream will result in more incestuous crushes and affairs, which she knows is not good but she also wrote that it is definitely going to help more people than it is going to harm and in a capitalist economy, Ann is not willing to compromise such a golden opportunity to make money for herself and her family.

Being a Jew herself, Ann has done a lot of study on the incest and its results. Ann says that the Jews would have been much superior if they knew about the consequences of the cousin marriages a lot earlier. Ann claims that during her study, she concluded that the inbred people are more likely to feel sexually attracted towards their cousins and sometimes even parents and siblings.

Ann says that the enlightenment era would have taken the place a lot earlier if the royal families of the Europe didn’t interbred.

Man left his truck-driving job after winning a huge sum with FIFA55

Marc Hicks is an online gambling freak who recently bought a touch-up spray paint company with the money that he won with betting on FIFA55. Mark Hicks used to be a truck driver before buying this company and Mark says that his truck driver job taught him a lot that no other job could. Driving truck made Marc able to practice sexual abstinence, driving truck increased Mark’s concentration and focus span and capability, Mark also can stay silent and hungry for days.

Marc loves to read gambling related blogs in his spare time. His current favorite is Kendra Elias.

Marc says that there was a time when he was so poor and homeless and her wife was the same. They enjoyed their honeymoon in Marc’s truck.

Marc’s wife – Jasmine is an automobile enthusiast who says that she dated 2 guys that drove Harley Davidson bikes and both of them had one thing in common and that is they were both broke and homeless. Marc and Jasmine both believe that American motorcycles are a ‘No! No!’ and the only smart bikes to purchase are the Japanese ones. They both are huge fans of Kawasaki Motorcycles.

Jasmine and Marc both agree on another thing and that is that the motorcycles with automatic transmission lack driving dynamics and the ones with manual transmission never fail to impress each of them.

Although Jasmine is an automobile enthusiast, she says that anything above a Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry or Honda Accord is a useless wastage of money mostly committed by the nouveau show-off rich men and women (mostly men).

Jasmine believes that the reason behind American and European cars’s unreliability is that their CEOs have been double-crossing the companies for a long while. Jasmine says that there is no way that American or European cars could ever be so unreliable.

Ceramics supplier won 66666 USD with FIFA55 bets and published a blog post about it

Mikey Ross is a conspiracy theorist who claims to have done an extensive research on the Medellin and other cartels hailing from Colombia and Mexico. Mikey claims that the most infamous drug lord of all time – Pablo Escobar used to export coffee not cocaine, he was wrongly accused of being the greatest cocaine smuggler as a part of a conspiracy created by the CIA, DEA along with the Colombian government officials. Mikey says that she highly doubts that the same happened with the other alleged cocaine smuggler Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha aka El Mexicano, who according to several Colombian conspiracy theorists and local people used to be a rubber exporter.

Mikey has lived in several different nations in his 32 years of life. Mikey says that the exporters of cocoa in Ghana, Brazil and Nigeria live their lives so lavishly that it sometimes appears like they are the richest people on earth.

Mikey also claims that several Northern European countries are doing silent barter trade with Bangladesh and India. The Northern European countries supply India and Bangladesh with Flax seeds and the India and Bangladesh provide the Northern European countries with Jute.

Mikey noticed that baseball is becoming very popular in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan which is a great thing as the game is a great form of physical exercise and unlike the cricket which is popular in the neighboring Indian subcontinent, not a game for the lousy lazy-asses.

Mikey doesn’t hesitate to admit that he had a crush on his own real older sister while growing up. Mikey’s sister was the one who taught him the art of pottery 19 years ago and here Mikey is today – a major ceramics supplier in the state of Kansas.

Mikey recently published on his blog that he won 66, 666 USD betting on FIFA55 website which he learnt about through a blog called growing places. Mikey claims that about 230 more people have started betting day and night on FIFA55 websites after reading Mikey’s post.

Miss Ergemlidze works a 9-5 job but that doesn’t stop her from sending regular donations to the impoverished tribes

Misha Ergemlidze loves science and appreciates the progress that this field of study has achieved in the previous 2 centuries but she is very critical of the scientists and doctors several times. Misha says that when nobody ever could count stars, how can they come to the conclusion that there are billions of the same in the sky?

Misha says that one of the areas of biology that needs the most focus and emphasis is Cytogenetics. Misha says that the Cytogenetics is one field of biology which is full of contradictions.

Misha studied Cryptography for a long while (2-3 years). Misha says that studying Cryptography was a complete waste of time for her and it would have been better if she learnt some Middle-Eastern languages including Hebrew and Arabic at the same time. Misha says that she literally regrets studying Cryptography.

Misha believes that there is not much progress going on in the field of Zoology. Misha says that Zoology is perhaps the oldest branch of life sciences but still it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is still in its infant stage.

Misha recently enjoyed a tour of 5 different countries of Africa and she has a lot of positive to say about Africa. Misha says that the literacy rate of Zimbabwe is the proof that Zimbabwe is going to be the first superpower in Africa. Misha says that Zimbabwe did a very visionary thing when they made English their official language. Zimbabwe says that it shouldn’t come as a surprise in the future if the Zimbabwean Dollar becomes the standard currency of the world.

Misha works a 9-5 job but she has been sending regular donations to the impoverished Bedouin tribes of Africa and Southwest Asia since the day she came from her trip to Africa out of the money that she keeps winning with FIFA55 bets. Misha is a regular reader of blogs like femme de menage bordeaux and she says that blogs like femme de menage bordeaux have helped her a lot when it comes to winning the online bets.

Pawn shop owner believes that gambling makes you more money than you can handle

Archit Barnala is the owner of a pawn shop which is popular worldwide for selling the most rare glassware.

Archit loves to read history and he claims that the Greek and Indian gods were aliens that really had superpowers which the humans of those days couldn’t even imagine of possessing.

Archit says that the ancient Persians believed that the stars flatter each other by twinkling. They also believed that the stars had stopped dying or taking birth thousands of years ago and they don’t die or take birth anymore.

Being of Indian origin, Archit has a lot to say about the India as well. Archit claims that the luxury cars that most flop or struggling Bollywood actors can be seen driving regularly are the stolen ones as they can’t afford buying even used luxury cars, let alone the new ones.

Archit also criticizes the police department of India a lot claiming that many officers don’t even know how to file a FIR.

Archit lived in Cambodia for quite a while and he was amazed at the courtesy of the Cambodian shopkeepers. Archit says that the Cambodian shopkeepers are great at pleasing their customers.

Archit has a passion for the SUVs and he loves to go off for some off-roading in his Jeep Wrangler or Nissan Patrol each weekend.

Archit has traveled to both the Russia and the Republic of China. Archit says that while on the paper it is the locomotive industry of Russia which is considered the best but on the ground it is the Republic of China whose locomotive industry is the best that he has ever seen.

Archit practiced absolute celibacy for a period of 3 years and he says that just like the gamblers are vulnerable to winning huge amounts all the time, the celibates are more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria and the diseases caused by the same. Archit loves to gamble online and read gambling blogs like, and that’s the reason why he likes to give gambling related analogies so much.

Popular cafe owner decided to buy a 1970s car collection with the Sakongkiu money

Amalda Sacan owns one of the most popular cafes in her city which is popular for its mint-coffee. Amalda always believes in creating and maintaining a speciality. Amalda believes that most multi-purpose products are good for no purpose.

Amalda comes from an agricultural family and she loves agriculture herself and does a lot of study on it. Amalda claims that Colombia used to have the most arable land in the prehistoric times followed by Punjab and Sindh of India.

Amalda recently got into composing music inspired by popular Youtube channel – NewRetroWave. Amalda also bought a car collection from 1970s with vinyl roof with the money that she won with the help of a trusted online Sakongkiu agent (agen sakongkiu online).

Amalda is an astrologer and she believes that both the sides of the moon face the earth contrary to the popular belief that only one and the same does. Amanda also believes that the solar system is a lie constructed to transform people into atheists.

Amalda loves animals and she has several pets. Amalda believes that successful people don’t give a hoot about the wildlife, they just pretend it. Amalda also says that the rich people show lesser concern for the impoverished than they should.

Amalda has a degree in power management and she wants to use her expertise into something important but she hasn’t got a chance yet.

Amalda mostly wears pink velvet shirts as she believes that velvet pink shirts are lucky for her.

Amalda is an atheist but she has a huge respect for the catholic religion and Jesus Christ. Amalda says that the World Council of Churches (WCC) was the biggest blunder in the history of churches and Christian religion.

Amalda believes that the world is overly populated at the moment and it is very rare to find civilized people in the countries with high density of population.

John buys the top simulators and rarest beds with the money that he makes with Football betting

John Connor is very argumentative when it comes to the discussion on the importance of partaking in contests. John claims that most contests are very destructive for both the winners and the losers, most of the times. John says that the winner along with getting overconfident, over-glorified many times gets indulged in activities like drug and alcohol addiction, womanizing, etc and about the losers he says that the losers get obsessed with winning the next time, they get depressed, alcoholic, become drug addicts, etc.

John has been running an online gaming website and a baby store after he became defunct after his small gold jewelry store got robbed and the insurance company refused to pay calling it a conspiracy, but John recently discovered something which he calls a goldmine aka football league agent188 aka agen bola liga188.

John has always been obsessed with forests and he says that he feels at home in oak and chestnut forests which he frequents regularly.

John enjoyed a trip to Yemen about a couple of years ago and fell in love with the unique beds which they make in a popular seaport city called Al Mukalla in Yemen. Since then, John has been ordering his own, his family’s and his friend’s beds from there. John says that he has been planning to resell those beds in his country for a while and now when he has been earning appropriate funds with the help of Football League Agent188, I believe that he will start this venture ASAP. John says that this product is going to be an instant hit as soon as it is launched on eBay.

Just last week, John bought a used Force Dynamics 401cr through eBay for 80, 000 USD. John’s life has completely changed for the better since he found out about Football League Agent188.

Wendy gifted her hubby a Kawasaki Ninja H2R with the FIFA55 money

Wendy Boivin is a machine tools supplier who recently gifted her husband – Winston, a Kawasaki Ninja H2R with the money that she won with online gambling. Wendy started reading gambling blogs like col2000 after learning Thai language to get command over the language but only after a few days of reading those posts, Wendy discovered that online gambling has made the fortune of thousands of men and women and she can be the one too.

Winston has restored several old motorbikes in his garage which he is not willing to sell anytime soon. Winston inherited more than half of this garage from his father who himself inherited more than half of it from his father.

Winston is an accountant by profession who used to be a business advisor to a liquor tycoon. Winston recently started a CNC equipment business with high hopes. Winston is certain that his business is going to be a huge success. Winston has been keeping a constant check on his competitor’s websites.

Winston worked for a couple of Canadian companies in the past and he says that the HR people of Canada have great recruiting skills.

Wendy claims that she has a couple of informants based in North Korea that exchange secret information with her in exchange for her nude and sexy live dance. Wendy claims that Kim Jong-Un has banished and replaced physically men and women from his army. This secret informant also told Wendy that a crazy, tall and handsome guy who worked for the North Korean military had a huge crush on Kim Yo-Jung was fed to dogs on the orders of Kim Jong-Un after he got to learn about the same.

Natty Deforest can be the next big thing with the help of FIFA55 betting

Natty Deforest is a businesswoman who recently interviewed the great-great-great grandson of the founder of the Singer corporation popular for its fantastic sewing machines. Natty was shocked to learn that both the founders Isaac Merritt Singer and Edward Clark believed that communal violence had some sort of a lucky charm for their company. He told Natty that not only their orders grew when some communal violence took place anywhere in the world but they used to make some successful innovation during that period as well.

Natty claims that she has the secret information that the central Asian country of Kazakhstan is busy building the greatest business city ever, a city that will give the Silicon Valley, New York, Chicago and others a run for their money.

Natty predicts that soon enough the middle eastern countries bordering Israel will make an alliance with each other just like UAE (United Arab Emirates) did, they are going to name this alliance United Levantine Arabic Union and the countries in this alliance will include Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. Natty claims that they want Turkey also to join them but Turkey is not interested as Turkey thinks that it is too great to be a part of this alliance. Natty says that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if this alliance come up as a superpower.

Natty used to create animation series and upload it for a living on the Youtube but now she does it as a hobby as she has found a goldmine called FIFA55 betting with the help of gambling blogs like cittaslow seferihisar.

Natty recently bought a company that manufactures all sorts of LED wall and alarm clocks with the money that she won with FIFA55 betting.

Patricia Demuro is a strange paganic woman who won enough money with FIFA55 to start her own Sport Equipment company

Patricia Demuro is not religious but she has her own unique views about almost everything cosmos, for example she claims that the sun-rays cause sunburns only to the sinners not the innocent.

Patricia claims that there are two gods – the sun and the moon. Sun is the good god and Moon is the evil and naughty god and that’s why we feel inclined to commit sin naturally during the night time when the evil god aka the moon is out. Patricia says that the pagan religions were far more intelligent and realistic and their worship of sun is one of the main proofs. Patricia says that many pagan religions had a ritual of cursing the moon like they had the ritual of worshiping the sun, the modern religions, especially the Abrahamic religions feared it and fearing the intelligence and the paganic religions’ touch with reality, the Abrahamic religions and their preachers decided to bury these facts altogether or disguise these in a way that nobody ever finds out that these so-calle paganic religions were far greater than the so called enlightened-monotheistic ones.

Patricia sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she says that after the United States of America and Israel are done taking over the Middle-Eastern  countries, their next target are going to be the Western European countries as they dare not look at the Eastern European countries because they are already under the control of the Russian and although the Russia is not as powerful as it once was, it is not going to give up this Eastern European territory of it to anybody. Patricia claims that the England, France, Germany, Italy and Scandinavian countries are already in the process of making an alliance in order to save themselves from the upcoming attack of the USA upon them.

Patricia recently inaugurated her own sport equipment company with the money that she won with FIFA55 gambling and the funny thing or coincidence is that the name of the blog where she learnt the tips and tricks to gamble and win is also sport equipment standards.

Kimber hopes to gift her super-cop husband a cargo-shipping business with the FIFA55 money

 Kimber Agmon went from being a real estate broker to a real estate developer with this simple trick and the trick is called FIFA55 betting. You may have heard from your peers and others that gambling ruins lives but the opposite is true for the real and shrewd gamblers, I am talking about the gamblers that regularly read blogs like Omaha parents of multiples.

Kimber says that her next plan is to start a used car dealership chain which will focus mostly on the European cars as most used car dealerships mainly focus on the Japanese cars and she believes that she will have something unique to offer and she can have an edge that way on her competitors.

Kimber’s husband – Tyronne is a cop who was very nervous during his first investigative task but he grew up to become one of the best cops in the history of Chile. Tyronne recently arrested several suspected retired officers which he believes are involved in drug trade. Once Tyronne busted a racket that sold weed in the nightclubs, the leader of the racket turned out to be the son of a top jury. Tyronne was one of the foreign police officers who were called by the Saudi Arabia’s government to give their cops training, he was also one of the officers who taught soft speaking skills to the police of the Haryana state of India.

While in Saudi Arabia, Tyronne met several Muslim extremists who said that there is something precious and unique about the land of the middle-east which cannot be defined in words. Some of them said that it was due to the birth of the Prophet Muhammad there while others said that it is because of the preciousness of this land that god decided to send his last and most significant message there.

Kimber wants to gift her husband a cargo-shipping business once he retires from the service.

Mercedes Buffon started a perfume company with the amount she won with FIFA55 betting

Mercedes Buffon is a political analyst who claims that the current Indian Prime Minister is an American agent who has been plotted in India for several different reasons one of that is to destroy the ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation because NASA fears that ISRO is growing way too faster than any other space research organization and the US government can’t take it.

Mercedes says that no matter how badly the current Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi or the upcoming CIA agent Indian ministers try to undermine India, it is still going to come up as the second largest Indian by 2060, the largest economy by that time will be China without a doubt, she says.

Mercedes says that a modern human being cannot even imagine that how corrupt the first police force ever in Europe used to be. Mercedes claims that not even the most corrupt police force in the modern days can even compare to that but her husband – Kylian completely differs from Mercedes in this regard and rejects it as a myth created by the governments of the third world countries, especially the Arab ones and some mischievous authors.

Mercedes says that nothing else ever had a huge negative impact on herself than the death of her beloved grandmother. She says that she still has bad dreams and nightmares about that night when her grandmother died.

Mercedes recently started a perfume company with the money that she won with FIFA55 betting with the tricks and tips that she learnt with blogs like Venice Foursquare Church.

Mercedes claims that she never buys anything from discount and free offers shops both online and offline no matter how bad her financial situation is.

Mercedes has done an extensive study on the religion of Islam, Arabia, Arabian culture, history and traditions. Mercedes claims that before color green, it was the color yellow which was believed to be the color of paradise in the pagan Arabia.

From a wage-earning brewer in a microbrewery to a millionaire businesswoman, Annabel Vorisek’s life changed with one bet

Annabel Vorisek (name changed) recently bought a company that manufactures mudflaps and bumpers for the sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, MPVs and Pick-up trucks. Annabel aims to buy a GPS Navigation products company in the near future as well.

Annabel used to work as a brewer in a microbrewery until she got lucky with a Greek betting company (etairiess stoiximatos) and won millions of dollars with a couple of bets.

Annabel is a car enthusiast, she only had a 1971 Nissan 240z until she won those bets but she bought a brand new Acura MDX and a Lexus LS 500 F Sport with a part of the money that she won with those bets.

Annabel has been running an auto blog for a while now where she recently posted that the diesel won’t be purposeful at all for anything by 2030. Annabel claims that the fuel-efficient cars of tomorrow will be all electric, battery-run or petrol hybrid and there will be no place for the diesel vehicles.

Annabel is an amateur astrologer as well, she says that the next Vice-President of the USA will be someone who worked as a mechanic in his early 20s and he will become a Vice-President by an accident.

Annabel predicts that the General Motors will be defunct by 2028. Annabel says that the General Motors hands down beats the Ford when it comes to the car designs but it has never been able to and perhaps never will be able to beat the Ford in terms of the joy of driving and nobody cares about the General Motors’ gorgeous designs as much as they care about the Ford’s joy of driving. Annabel says that if people want to buy affordable great looking cars, they will most likely look Renaultwise.

Nikita Schultz makes CEO money with a small online business and online betting combined

Nikita Schultz (name changed) is a half-Danish half-Russian woman currently living in the USA. Nikita lived in a third-world country called India for quite a while where she noticed that North Indians use metallic minerals for their rituals and the East Indians (Bengalis) use non-metallic mineral for their rituals while the South Indians use both metallic and non-metallic minerals for their rituals.

Nikita says that Hinduism may boast of scientific approach in a broad spectrum but Hindus are some of the most superstitious people that you will ever find.

Nikita very much liked the tradition of Indian pehlwani (wrestling) and Indian pehlwans (wrestlers). Nikita observed that the Indian pehlwani has been serving as  a way to keep the youngsters away from alcohol and other harmful substances.

Nikita met a funny Indian who said to Nikita that India is going to be the next USSR (a superpower). He told Nikita that India is going to be a superpower when Priyanka Gandhi will take over the Prime Ministership of India. He told Nikita that Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh , Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bhutan will become parts of India after Priyanka Gandhi takes over. He said that Sanatan Bharat is Priyanka Gandhi’s ultimate dream.

One Indian that Nikita met told her that the Chola empire of India was so sovereign that even Khalid ibn Al-Walid was scared of it.

One Sai Baba devotee that Nikita met in India told her that Sai Baba of Shirdi took along with him several of his followers to the planet Uranus but all died except Sai, Sai Baba returned back to earth immediately fearing his life.

Nikita Schultz makes CEO money reselling Fiverr services on her own website and with online betting on FIFA55 websites with the help of blogs like California Visit.

Daughter of Czech immigrants started her own electronics store in the Downtown of Louisville with Bitcoin Casino money

Helena Bares (name changed) recently inaugurated her dream business – a home appliance and electronics store in the Downtown area of Houston, Texas. I know that this may sound funny to many that a dream business can be such a small business but Helena is an emotional being who listens to her heart and not to her brain for most of the times and that’s the reason why this young lady is richer than any of her siblings, cousins or family member. Life was tough for the daughter of this Czech immigrants who came to the US in the late 1970s. Helena’s parents didn’t  even speak fluent English for years after arriving in the US.

So, you may be wondering how Helena’s listening to her heart instead of her brain can make her rich. Helena once came across a banner ad of one of the Bitcoin Casinos and as Helena had one Bitcoin that her ex-boyfriend presented her once, Helena’s heart told her that there is something about these Bitcoin casinos website and she instantly clicked on one of the ads and started betting and here she is, the richest and one of the youngest members of her family.

Helena didn’t go to a university but she is a highly skilled computer technician with a love for history and conspiracy theories. Helena claims that there is life on the Planet Saturn and the people on Saturn are so dark that there is no way that a human can see them through bare eyes on that dark planet.

Helena knows several Jews and although she hates antisemites herself, she says that each and every Jew that she ever met was full of enmity, jealousy and other negative emotions.

Helena is pro-democracy but she says that monarchy is the ideal type of political system for the middle-eastern countries.

Car enthusiast Mimi Wilson didn’t let her bad upbringing come in the way of her gambling success

Mimi Wilson (name changed) is a Chief Content Developer at a Space Magazine. Mimi’s upbringing wasn’t an ideal one. She was brought up by a Mob Accountant dad and a Wedding Photographer mom.  Mimi’s dad had a habit of verbally abusing all the time and her mother used to nag and create dramas all the time.

Mimi is a car enthusiast who says that all SUVs must be obliged to have a dynamic stability traction control otherwise traveling in them is very dangerous. Mimi only buys Volvos when it comes to buying a SUV as she believes that Volvo still makes the safest sedans and SUVs.

Mimi claims that BMW is going to introduce tractors soon enough. Mimi says that it is a secret project and the BMW is keeping the information secret and only limited to the employees involved. I asked Mimi “How do you know?” She then told me that one of the BMW employees involved is her ex-boyfriend.

Mimi once had a dream that she was made the CEO of Suzuki Japan. She was really heartbroken as soon as she woke up.

Mimi says that most of the cars exposed at Auto Expo India are never released for sale in India.

Mimi says that the rich heritage of Land Rover SUVs is not going to work long enough as they are not making reliable and value for money cars anymore.

Mimi says that she has some secret information that the Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki paid the Indian media tons of money to spread a word against the America and European cars in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She says that’s the reason why the American and European car manufacturers are not able to make their mark yet.

Mimi regularly keeps betting on Thai gambling websites and she is a regular subscriber of blogs like fnopl.

International Spy, Journalist and Restaurateur – Darcy Autin makes more money with online football gambling than anything else

Darcy Autin (name changed) claims that the emerging young Mufti of Pakistan – Mufti Tariq Masood is a Jew in disguise. Darcy knows the Urdu language and she says that after listening to all the Mufti Tariq Masood’s videos, she found him extremely suspicious and unusual. Darcy decided to travel to Pakistan this Winter holidays with the money that she won with league football agent188 (agen bola liga188). Darcy met Mufti Tariq Masood personally and got her entrapped into telling Darcy about himself everything with the magic aka weapon of her beauty, turned out that Darcy was right. Darcy fears her life and hence she didn’t tell about this to anyone than me. Darcy claims that the purpose of this guy is to spy on Taliban and other Islamic terrorist organizations for Israel. Darcy suspects that he can be one of the many Jewish agents living in Pakistan and these guys can be there to destroy the atomic program of Pakistan.

Darcy’s one and only brother is an individual mechanic in Beverly Hills who repairs only Limos. He straightaway says ‘No’ to any other car.

Darcy’s only permanent source of income is  an elephant chariot themed Indian family restaurant which she inherited from her father. Darcy’s mechanic brother inherited a Donkey chariot themed Irish pub his father.

Darcy’s neighbor owns a fleet of Volkswagen. Darcy hates Volkswagen with all her heart. Recently, one of her neighbor’s Volkswagens got stolen by a thief whom Darcy caught and exposed in her newspaper. This thief was peculiar and unique in his own way that he only stole cars with panoramic sunroofs. He got caught as he put one of the cars on fire, Darcy saw him doing the deed and called the police. Two of the most funny things are :- 1. The thief had no idea that burning car personally is illegal, 2. He lived in the same neighborhood as Darcy.

Architect fulfilled her dream of having an architecture firm with the help of m88

Abeer Ajram (name changed) owns an architect company which has its headquarters in the swanky downtown of Houston city of Texas. Abeer only recruits Turkish architects since she saw Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

Abeer is an architect who couldn’t find the job as an architect five years ago so she started selling stuff on eBay which made her enough money to pay her bills, Abeer’s life took a turn when she started betting on m88. Abeer does nothing but win most of the times and within 2 years of discovering m88, she is a millionaire now.

Abeer’s uncle recently fought elections for Mayor in Dallas city. He lost the elections as he thought that he was too smart. He was trying to impress voters of each and every religion, every race, every color. Someone asked him “Do you believe that Jesus was a Messiah?” and he refused to answer.

This uncle of Abeer recently started a taxi company with the hope of becoming the next Uber. He lost so much money fighting the elections that he is now forced to sell Red Bulls online.

In one of his election speeches, he said “Modern Western Civilization will soon become the ancient western civilization because it is not possible for it to last the way it is moving.” In another election speech he said “Modern Western Civilization is one of the best things that has ever happened to the mankind. We must be thankful to the architects of this sort of civilization.”

He perhaps had no idea that everything he said was being recorded in the phones of the listeners and they were all noticing how big of a hypocrite and fake this guy was.  It had been better if his tongue was paralyzed before the elections so that he couldn’t give these fake speeches so much.

I am personally yet to see a politician with a paralyzed tongue, if you know one please send me his/her name.

Tinder is giving people STDs, Bumble is destroying people spiritually but Steve Chu is making people millionaires

Alva Capoor (name changed) has traveled the world and she believes that the parents in the African continent’s Senegal country are the worst parents in the modern times as they don’t give any sort of freedom to their kids and treat them like objects and abuse them in several inhumane ways.

Alva Capoor laughs her ass off on the guys who believe that a nuclear war is about to happen. Alva says that the major multinationals, mainly the car manufacturers won’t let a nuclear happen.

Alva never trusts a newspaper article no matter which newspaper it was published on.

Alva is a wealthy businesswoman  who openly says that business leaders aren’t as energetic or brilliant as they are perceived to be but they are rather cunning and manipulative. Alva says that she couldn’t have become so financially well if she didn’t get to know about online gambling tips and tricks with the help of a blog called Steve Chu.

Alva is the owner of a department store chain. The unique thing about Alva’s department stores is that all these stores are located in neighborhoods that all start with R. Alva believes that the letter ‘R’ is her lucky charm.

Alva is a single and sexual woman who never tried her luck on Tinder herself but she got shocked when several of her girlfriends told her that they got some sort of STDs after having sexual relationships through Tinder. Alva’s friends that used Bumble say that they never got any sort of STDs because of it but they got sort of karmic bondages due to it and they are often depressed for no reason because of it. The astonishing fact is that none of her friends that used Bumble ever believed in any sort of spirituality before discovering Bumble.

Nikki Dang rides her Harley Davidson whenever she can and she bets online whenever she can too

Nikki Dang (name changed) loves to go for an adventure on her Harley Davidson. Nikki really missed her Harley Davidson when she was out to explore India in November 2018. Nikki really laughed her ass off at the unique category of cars which they call baby sedans in India and what Nikki likes to call pseudo-sedans. Can you imagine a 899cc sedan? They have that in India and you may check these pseudo-sedans online by searching for Swift Dzire, Ford Aspire on Google. The funniest thing is that middle-class Indians believe these to be luxury cars and flaunt these pseudo-sedans everywhere.

Nikki is the proud owner of the only A3 and A4 sheets company in Macedonia.

Nikki read a lot about the Hindu religion and Hindu saints during her time in India. Nikki claims that many of the Arya Samaj (Aryan Society) people told her that Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the founder of the Arya Samaj didn’t write his most popular book also known as Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s autobiography wasn’t written by Swami Dayanand himself but rather by his followers who wanted to make money and followers with the name of Swami Dayanand Saraswati and most of it is fake.

Nikki claims that all of the men in Trump’s security are Mossad guys as the president of America – Donald Trump doesn’t believe any other agency or any other people for his security.

Nikki claims that strong, serious, workaholic and non-drinker husbands are least likely to cheat on their wives.

Nikki is already the owner of a blog completely dedicated to family hatchbacks but now she is also planning to create a blog dedicated to official football gambling website (situs judi bola resmi).

Nikki is a binge eater who cannot resist food for more than half-an-hour.

Freelance Journalist, Bharatnatyam dancer, owner of several small companies – Hareem’s financial backbone is online casinos

Hareem Clinton (name changed) claims that the politicians of the democratic nations no more rule the world but rather IT companies do.

Hareem believes that almost everything natural is priceless but nothing natural is worthless. Hareem is a workaholic environmentalist who has done a huge lot of the environment and environment policy of her country but hasn’t yet been able to make it to the limelight. Hareem says that indulging in work gives her unparalleled bliss.

Hareem is also a freelance journalist who exposed a luxury bungalow where escorts lived. They would murder their filthy rich clients  in this luxury bungalow.

Hareem herself recently opened a spa in the neighborhood called Kharghar in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India where she has all sort of Konkani, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Kashmir masseuses.

Hareem’s husband – Donald has a weakness for beautiful and charming women. He talks/chats with a beautiful woman for half-an-hour and instantly fells in love. Hareem appreciates her husband for respecting and having a gratitude for the flora and fauna but she hates him for this weakness of his.

Hareem calls her late father ‘an extremely stupid man’ for donating all his money and property for the religious causes. Hareem herself is an atheist who got all her wealth back by winning online casino bets on trusted websites like

Hareem was trained in Bharatnatyam by one of the most popular veteran Bharatnatyam dancers and teachers. Hareem’s second biggest source for income after online casinos is her company that manufactures tear out notebook frames for some of the top notebook companies.

Hareem’s one and only brother – Philip is a real estate developer who is responsible for transforming over 100 square miles of area. One of the neighborhood that he developed was unknown by the people living by that neighborhood but became a household name in the entire state after Philip built several shopping malls and top notch buildings and skylines there.

Tonia Dahre is a ghostwriter, a car designer, a ceramic exporter, an adviser and an online gambler

Tonia Dahre (name changed) claims that she ghostwrote several songs for the Black Eyed Peas including some of their greatest hits.

Tonia is a car designer by profession and she claims that she has designed some of the most practical gloveboxes in different SUVs of different car makes.

Tonia herself drives only Nissan, Mitsubishi or Renault when it comes to driving a diesel car because of Isuzu’s reliable and durable diesel engine.

Tonia claims that she was the one who advised the CEOs of Renault and Nissan in India to launch Renault Lodgy and Nissan Evalia in India and now after both the MPVs flopped badly in India, the CEOs of both the companies are angry with Tonia.

 Tonia’s full-time business is ceramic exporting and her biggest hobby is betting online, her most favorite gambling website is and she has been very loyal to the same for so long.

Tonia claims that she does her ceramic business the old-school way, the only two things that are not old-school in her company are their innovative advertisements and their usage of Whatsapp only; no emails, phone calls, SMS.

Tonia claims that soon there will be cars that will run on soda instead of the gasoline, diesel, battery or electricity.

Tonia says that they are all talking about the heart of glass, heart of steel, heart of iron, heart of gold but nobody is talking about the heart of cooper. Tonia says that a heart of cooper is a type of heart that can never break no matter how big the shocks are.

Tonia says that screenwriters are biased towards women as they are most women themselves. Tonia is disappointed and angry that nobody is writing about the difficulties and complexities that men have to face day-to-day. She says that if male gender has become a forgotten gender.

Online casino pro accuses the Pentagon of running and ruining the world

Zelda Brent (name changed) is a professional dietitian who claims that fruits are only good for health when eaten fresh otherwise they are not. Zelda claims to have done many such experiments on herself and it always came out the same, when she ate nothing but fresh fruits her skin looked way too different than the days when she didn’t and on the weeks when she ate stale fruits, she looked horrible.

Zelda was born to English parents in India. She came to England back in 1996 with her parents, her parents to this day regret giving away their Indian citizenship for the British nationality as they believe they could have been more prosperous in India.

Zelda has done a lot of research on the political scene of the world and especially India. Zelda claims that the politicians of the Indian subcontinent, especially the ones in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are totally controlled by the Washington. Zelda claims that most elections around the world are rigged and the people in Washington voluntarily select the most incapable and greedy men and women to become the ministers.

As Zelda has studied and researched the Indian politics so well, Zelda claims that the infamous Indian politician – Pramod Mahajan aka Chanakya of Bharatiya Janata Party of India was murdered by his brother – Pravin Mahajan on the order of the Pentagon in the United States. Zelda claims that the Pentagon decided to kill Pramod Mahajan because he was going out of hands.

Anyways, Zelda couldn’t care less about the Indian politics or anything else at the moment as she has been winning thousands of dollars constantly for the past 5 days betting on

Chirag Aneja says that astrology should be banned by the govt and the govt must popularize online casinos

Chirag Aneja (name changed) claims the so-called ‘only real astrologers of India’ can be renamed to ‘only real rapists’, Chirag says that 62% of the Indian astrologers have rape or other cases pending for similar sort of heinous crimes. Chirag feels sorry for thousands of foreign women (mainly from the United States and Israel) that travel all the way from their countries, leaving their business, employment, family, only to learn astrology or know their and their family’s future and they only get raped by these fake astrologers. Chirag has been campaigning against astrology and has requested government and the supreme court of India to ban astrology all over India but all her petitions have only got rejected yet.

Chirag has done a lot of research on the nations and areas that have ever been territories of Hinduism or the nation of ‘Bharat’. The most fascinating character that Chirag came across the modern times was Pol Pot of Cambodia. Chirag has read each and everything that she could find about Pot Pol and it came very surprising to Chirag that Pot Pol along with being a megalomaniac was a sex addict as well, Pot Pol married over 40 women and had over 495 mistresses.

Chirag recently exposed a Muslim man who faked being a Hindu sannyasi and a celibate from Haridwar. This fake man lied about being born out of a havan (worship fire) and about that he has no parents, his only parent is fire and the priest that was worshiping the fire. Chirag did a thorough research on this guy, turned out that he was born in a Muslim dominated slum neighborhood, got married at the age of 18, had 15 kids (8 daughters and 7 sons), got married 6 times, divorced 2 wives and is currently living with 4.

Chirag recently won millions of dollars with the help and support of the articles and topics on and the surprising thing is that she is not keeping it a secret.

Sold 9000 paintings both online and offline but still makes more money with FIFA55

Avigail Allard (name changed) claims that men hate vacations and they only pretend to like it because they fear their wives or girlfriends. Avigail knows several gay couples very closely who very rarely go out for vacations although they are very rich already.

Avigail is a conspiracy theorist who claims that Lee Nak-Yeon is a distant cousin of Bill Clinton’s wife and ex-president candidate of the United States of America – Hillary Clinton. Avigail says that the only reason behind Lee Nak-Yeon’s success is his being a distant cousin of Hillary Clinton otherwise he stood no chance. Avigail says that it is quite evident from Lee Nak-Yeon’s body language and his speech style that he is a low-energy, incapable man.

Avigail claims that Jews are aliens most likely from some planet that hasn’t been yet discovered by the scientists yet. Avigail says that it is not possible for some breed belonging to the human beings of earth to be as intelligent as the Jewish people are.

Avigail is one of the most sold painters in the world. She has sold over 9000 paintings including both online and offline. Avigail sells her paintings on etsy, eBay and several other websites including her own. Avigail never tries to overcharge her customers as she is not hungry for the money, she makes more money with online gambling with the tactics that she learnt with blogs like armagh war memorial.

Avigail claims that Sigmund Freud was an Illuminati agent whose job was to convert the pious and civilized people of Europe and America to sex maniacs.

Avigail claims that the emperor Hongli of Qing Dynasty of China wanted his men to manufacture a car much before they invented the first car. Avigail says that Hongli’s men were about to be successful but they got mysteriously kidnapped one day and never seen after that.

From selling cheap toys to become founder of a successful toy phone manufacturing company, Chiyo Alekseeva’s story is really an example of nothing is impossible

Chiyo Alekseeva (name changed) owns a company that manufactures toy phones for kids. Chiyo used to be a petty eBay toy seller until she started winning huge bets on Poker88Asia which ultimately changed her life forever. Chiyo’s brother – Vladimir is an engineer who gave Chiyo a proposal to start a toy phone manufacturing company for kids, Chiyo agreed to it and the business really turned Chiyo into a millionaire.

Chiyo still manages the distribution and supply of the company completely while her brother manages the manufacturing and the engineering part. Chiyo bets on Poker88Asia whenever she is short of funds and viola – she wins and doubles her bet like that which ultimately provides investment for her toy phone manufacturing company.

Chiyo claims that all the assembly elections across the world are rigged. Chiyo has studied politics of several different countries and the history of their democracies as well and she claims that it is quite evident that these big guys are controlled by the biggest guys.

Chiyo has read about the Anti-Christ and Dajjal and she claims that the Anti-Christ will not be any technology or one individual as is usually perceived. Chiyo says that Anti-Christ in reality means an anti-social person who does the opposite of what the chastest man ever – Jesus Christ preached. Chiyo says that if you stare at women lustfully then you are an Anti-Christ, if you do sex using contraceptive methods then you are an Anti-Christ, if you are a thief then you are an Anti-Christ, if you follow pornstars on Twitter then you are an Anti-Christ, if you watch lewd movies and masturbate then you are an Anti-Christ but if you gamble then you are a Pro-Christ.

Alibhe Beckles is determined to break the world record of late Irv Gordon with the fuel that she buys with JayaPoker money

Ailbhe Beckles (name changed) wakes a lot up in her sleep, mainly because of the intense and vivid dreams that she very regularly gets (almost everyday).

Alibhe has done a lot of extensive research on several topics and subjects. She recently enjoyed a trip of 5 different countries in the African continent namely Egypt, Rwanda, Congo, Algeria and Libya. Alibhe claims that Egyptians are physically, mentally and emotionally weaker compared to most other African countries because over half of them are the result of first cousin, second cousin and distant cousin marriages.

Alibhe has done a lot of research and study on the American, Japanese, European and Korean car history. Alibhe says that Isuzu would have been bigger than Toyota if all other Japanese, American and European together didn’t plot against them and made a fool out of the Isuzu. Alibhe claims that Toyota and Mitsubishi feared Isuzu the most and the General Motors and Subaru together played their role as well-wisher and partner of Isuzu very well to ultimately screw Isuzu over.

Alibhe loves Isuzu so much that she still drives the same Isuzu Amigo that she bought in the year 1990. Alibhe, all her friends and family are amazed at the durability of the Isuzu Amigo. Alibhe says that she will continue driving the same car as long as she can and she is determined to break the record of Irv Gordon. Alibhe doesn’t care whether Isuzu will pay or award Alibhe with anything in exchange for making and breaking a world record, all that she cares about is living with her Isuzu Amigo as long as possible. Alibhe says that she lives to drive her Isuzu Amigo and bet on JayaPoker. Alibhe says that JayaPoker betting makes her enough money to pay more than 75% of her bills.

Vilma Denham is a PhD in Biophysical Chemistry who can never get enough of TOTO

Vilma Denham (name changed) is financially sound but she fears that she is about to go mentally ill. All of Vilma’s friends have been telling her to stop gambling online and they have been telling her that the TOTO gambling website that Vilma has been betting on is a fake website but Vilma knows for certain that it is the most trusted TOTO agent’s website (Agen Toto Terpercaya).

Let us come to some interesting things like Vilma’s conspiracy theories, Vilma says that the people with curly hair are cunning, treacherous and deceiving and one must never trust someone who has curly hair. Vilma says that there is a reason why the Muslims believe that the Dajjal (the most treacherous, deceiving and cunning false messiah) will have curly hair.

Vilma is an academic too. She is a PhD in biophysical chemistry from University of New Orleans.

Being from a biophysical chemistry background, Vilma has a lot of knowledge about the field and she is also very outspoken about several things, for example in one of her blog posts, Vilma claimed that amphetamines, cocaine, methamphetamine are intrinsically evil but marijuana and cannabis are not. It doesn’t mean that she supports any of the drugs, Vilma says that if your doctor prescribed you any of the drugs then only go for it otherwise never bother and destroy your life.

Vilma’s one and only sister is in prison for killing all the members of her late husband’s family after she found out that she had been a victim of the love Jihad. Yes, Vilma’s sister married a tall, handsome and young Muslim but after the marriage she started suspecting that the guy married her just because he wanted a victim to convert her to Islam and get a reward afterlife. Vilma’s suspicion grew stronger each week and ultimately she killed him.

The daughter of an abusive petty tent business owner in Pattaya is now a millionaire with the help of UFA bet

Kori Ainsworth (name changed) says that she knows several webmasters from the 90s and early 2000s who made the internet what it is today and along with making the internet what it is today, each of them also made millions and millions of dollars.

Kori started her online business in a hope of becoming a millionaire herself but she failed to made even a thousand dollar a month in the conventional way but she didn’t give up on her dreams and kept finding a way to become a millionaire, her favorite song used to be “How to be a millionaire” by ABC, yes the popular 80s song.

Anyways, Kori found a fountain of wealth in ufabet, she has been able to make over 1.5 million USD by now with the ufabet within less than 1 year, that’s what one of the most popular Youtubers of all time and a mechanic for over 50 years – Scotty Kilmer has been able to make by now.

Kori has a huge sympathy for the terrorists belonging to all the nations and religions, Kori says that she has met several different terrorists belonging to several different religions, nations and ethnicities. Kori says that most of these so-called terrorists are poor hormonal and aggressive teenagers who become victim of brainwashing at a very early age. Kori says that killing terrorists is going to result in breeding more terrorists, she says that they need education and awareness rather than brute.

Kori was born to a tent business owner father in the city of Pattaya and her mother was a homemaker. Growing up, Kori didn’t have a good childhood, Kori’s father always suspected that his wife is having an affair and would beat the hell out of her because of this very suspicion. Kori grew up hating her father and having an extravagant sympathy for her mother. Kori wanted to become a historian in her childhood but the mother nature had something else for her in her mind.

Agata claims that she can astral project in the backseat of her Cadillac which she bought with SGP money

Agata About (name changed) was never an extraordinary student in the school or college but not an ordinary one either.

Agata wasn’t born in India but she is sort of obsessed with India and Indian Bollywood. Agata runs a blog that is specifically focused on the fresh topics of India. Agata claims that the recent marriages that took place in among the Bollywood, the first one of Kapil Sharma and Ginni Chatrath and the second one between Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were both fake.

Agata has written that the current Bollywood personalities will go to any extent for their publicity and promotion. Agata has written that although she is 90% certain about the Deepika-Ranveer wedding being fake, she can tell with 100% certainty that the marriage between Ginni and Kapil was a fake one.

What got Agata so obsessed with India and Hinduism so much was the spirituality and her obsession with stretching herself. Agata was born in a middle income family and since her very childhood she wanted to become very rich, her obsession with getting rich increased as she grew up, when Agata was a teenager, Agata started experimenting with Astral Projection and Remote Viewing, Agata claims to have achieved a certain success with those practices.

Agata’s dream of becoming a millionaire came true when she was 31, although she wanted to be a millionaire by the time she is 25. Anyways, Agata claimed on one of her blog posts that you can do in real life with spiritual powers what they portray in science-fiction memes.

Agata says that she couldn’t made herself so strong in terms of spiritual powers due to her short attention span and getting excited too early. Agata says that if you have a long and strong attention span, it becomes too easy for you to become a Super Saiyan using spiritual powers.

Whenever Agata would deflate from her spiritual sadhna she would start looking for SGP results (hasil keluar sgp) although the SGP made her rich and buy Cadillacs, it could never made her spiritually strong. I really hope that Agata increases and strengthens her attention span and become able to astral project for as long as she wants to.

Not a protestant but a supporter of the Zionism and Netroulette

Claire Tracy (name changed) claims that there will be surplus water contrary to the popular belief created by the scientists that we will be left with no water soon enough. Claire says that the progeny of the same scientists will turn these seas’ water into drinking water and the land beneath these seas will be transformed into roadways, railways, houses, gardens and more.

Claire has authored several books and she used to be a great critic of the state of Israel until she met a Jewish family in Basel, Switzerland whose 85% of the members were all killed in Adolf Hitler’s Germany. Claire says that she has never met people so open-minded and hard-working as this Jewish family, before.

In one of her books, Claire accused the Indian Kashmiri – Yasin Malik of being an American agent instead of being a Pakistani agent. Yasin has been arrested several times in the Indian occupied Kashmir for giving provoking speeches and stuff like that but Claire says that the Indian government can’t dare to confront the American government and the arrests of Yasin Malik are nothing but dramas to deflate the Indian and Pakistani civilians. Yasin Malik cannot speak English fluently but his third wife Mushaal Hussein Mullick can and she has been interviewed by the anchors and hosts of Al Jazeera and CBS several times. Claire says that there is no difference between the Al Jazeera and CBS, they both might seem to be against each other on the television but in reality they are owned and operated by one conglomerate.

Claire Tracy’s most favorite hobby is playing the game of netroulette online which she does almost every weekend.

Jewish Wife and Turkish Husband argued for weeks after winning that live draw in Hongkong

Bernice Hassan (name changed) is a Jewish woman who was born in the city called Bursa in Turkey. Bernice fell in love with this one smart guy in her school whom we will call ‘Mustafa Hassan’ here. Mustafa Hassan never fell for Bernice like she did for him. While in the senior high school, Bernice decided to propose Mustafa and he agreed, not because she found some special charm in Bernice or he found her beautiful, he started dating her just because she is Jewish and he wanted his future babies to be intelligent.

Bernice and Mustafa recently enjoyed a trip to Hongkong where they played several Live Draw Hongkong games and enjoyed horse riding as well. Mustafa hurt Bernice when he told her that horse riding is not for the Jewish women. Bernice wasn’t as good as Mustafa while riding the horses and Mustafa started taunting her by telling her that horse riding is for the tough Turkish men and not for the weak Jewish women.

Bernice keeps taking the revenge by telling Mustafa Hassan that Quraish tribe was the most unethical and greedy tribe amongst all the different tribes of the Arabia in Postclassical era. Bernice taunts Mustafa by saying that Muhammad used to be one of the beastliest men in the Quraish tribe and ultimately your patrons and mentors Arabs embraced Islam and you Turks followed those Barbarians.

Bernice was watching an Islamic tale once in which they showed Aisha (one of the wives of so-called Prophet of Muhammad) cleaning semen of his off his black dishdasha.

Bernice claims that along with being a Barbarian, Muhammad was also one greedy SOB. Bernice says that Khalid Bin Waleed was considered the wisest and most intelligent among all the colleagues, cousins and dearest followers of Muhammad and we all know how barbaric was this guy.

I will buy a Bentley Flying Spur in the coming spring season, my gut tells me, thank you

Sagarica Bhela (name changed) claims that ice making plants, ice cream factories, ice cube makers will benefit the most from the global warming and the reason why the American President Donald Trump has minimized the investment of America to reduce the global warming is that he is a hidden director and chairman several ice cream companies and ice making plants. She says that most of his companies and factories are located in the Indian subcontinent and UAE. Sagarica has nothing to back her claims up but just her intuition and hallucinations. While it is hard to believe Sagarica’s claims about the American President Donald Trump’s hidden investment in the ice cream companies and ice making plants, Sagarica’s economic and financial progress is clearly visible nowadays, she has gone from driving an old Toyota Prius to a new Audi RS7 and now she is thinking of buying a BMW X6 as well.

Sagarica recently went to the Himalayas as she is of Indian origin and she heard a lot of tales and folklores about the mountains from her parents half of which turned out to be true and half not. Sagarica says that it is a beautiful place to visit but don’t expect any miracles to happen like the Hindus will tell you, just enjoy the sightseeing.

Sagarica is not willing to tell her money secret to anyone but I have successfully found it, it is a blog called how to make money blogging and she is making tons of it.

I nowadays arrive to my office late almost always because I sleep late as I am always trying to make money the Sagarica Bhela way and I know that I will succeed soon enough in my efforts and I believe that I am the chosen one. Anyways, my gut feeling tells me that I will buy a Bentley Flying Spur in the coming spring season, I love the spring season and I love the Bentleys.